7:36 AM

Hi,folks.I've just got ten minutes left to catch my bus and yet I sit here typing this for my next post ;).This is not what I planned to post as my second but then things,things far more important than blogging kept me busy and could not do that.Yippee!!Today is going to be the start of my new semester and I'm pretty excited about that. Its been 3 weeks since I've been to my college and almost been about two months since I've listened to any classes.Two months back almost at the same time we were covered with exam fever.Labs, records, mid exams what not everything that keep an engineering students nervous were in our minds.Hmm finally I'm through all those..done my exams,sighing that I could have done better there with not even a bit of satisfaction of how I've done them regretting that I should've done better,should've been more serious from the start.But then I'm through all those all those!!.

This is the start of a new semester 3-2. Its going to be my first day and yes I've taken many resolutions. The kind of ones which every aspiring true engineering students usually do at the start of the new semester. I had loads of fun in my last semester.Infact I would like to say thats the best semester I had so far.I hope to have equally good fun in this sem too at the same time manage to do what I'm expected to :).Praying to God that my resolutions do not end up being one day vows.
Oops!! I'm running late guys.Gotta hurry..Im siging off wishing every B.Tech student a happy n fun semester ahead..keep rocking :)

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  1. watt.......u wrote this wen u had 10 mins to catch ur clg bus ???.......seriously??....hmm......i hope u enjoy ur sem like u did in ur previous sem........and also achieve wat u dreamt of.....all the best dude.....keep writing.waiting for ur post

  2. rofl! i know exactly what you're saying about our kotha-sem-resolutions. but they never work do they ;)

  3. @ pradeep :yah i did in js ten mins... thnx man... il try n post regularly !!

  4. @aditya: lol, i kno but den dnt u think its a kinda untold formality dat we keep takg such resolutions which ofcrse v giveup by da end of day one into da sem ;)

  5. 10 mins lo 3-1 3-2 rendu chupinchesav kada ra..!!!

    newaz..hav a happy sem..!!all da best