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1:13 AM

Hey ya I finally made up my mind to write.I so desperately wanna talk and the person I wanna talk to is in no mood for it.All I can do is talk to myself and the idea of blogging popped up.This is the best way to talk to oneself dont u think so?!

I'm just home after watching Mirapakay.Not a great movie,but its not even one of those movies which u would regret for having watched on big screen.Anyways, excuse me for being critical but you know sometimes I wish things fall in place just as it happens for the hero by the time the movie is about to end.No matter how much the hero messes with his gal, all he has to say is I'm sorry and the gal accepts him bak.God if only all girls are like Vinamra! If you haven't watched the movie you wouldn't understand it.Anyways forget it.

Oh ya folks I've nt yet said it officially on my blog rite,I've been placed into Mahindra Satyam.If you ask me how do I feel about it,I dont think I'm any bit excited about the fact but den ya one thing for sure I now don't carry any pressures on my back and my dad and "my frens" are pretty happy about it.The new year has announced its arrival in style for me.80 percent in my semester exams, something I stopped hoping for even in my wildest of dreams after my very bad experiences with JNTU in last few sems.But then ya 2011 makes it happen 4 me.Thank you JNTU for letting me start my new year wid such a bang.Something else that really made my new year was the results of CAT.It took me by surprise,just when I thought I'm good for nothing,my score boosted up my spirits and it proved something to me that I've an edge over many others out there and I ain't any loser

In the last few months I've learnt quite a few things.I've had few bad experiences too .Experiences make you a better person sooner or later.I'm sure I'm not just the same person I was few months ago.I'm not sure I changed because people around me changed or I started feeling that people changed because the way I see them has changed.Either way theres one thing is certain there is this thing called Change for sure.It happened but how and why is probably a million dollar question.May be I can even add when to the list as well.

I've been asked to accept things just as they are.I'm honestly trying it.I don't know if thats gonna work for me.But all I can do is give it a shot.Can't say anything about the outcome.Lemme see if I can talk about it in any of my future posts.

Its been long since I wrote anything,I'm not sure if this post of mine sounded any bit interesting.If it din't I sincerely make an apology for making you read such a shit.Maybe a few more posts in days to come,I mite get into the groove.

To write is to be me and m making every attempt to find myself

“Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways”, a status of one my frens reads so on fb.I liked it. I think I kinda experienced it too.

And ya folks I'm bored with the look of my blog..so here I change it..hope you like it..your free to gimme your feed bak :) Hope to see you soon guys :)!!

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  1. "break ke baad"?
    and yea, congo about cat..entha?

  2. @wake up india n jahnavi : thnx :)
    @adi: hehe...ya its after the 'break' in many ways..so thgt y nt cater it to dat :)
    cat nt gr8 actuali but decent score i shd say 94%ile needi??