Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu

12:27 PM

Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu, for me had been the most awaited movie of the year. And I finally managed to watch it, without really having to worry about the reviews, the general talk and peoples perception about the movie. It is amazing to note, despite the fact that so many love stories have been unveiled on the celluloid one doesn't seem to get tired of it. Maybe its hard to stay off and not get fascinated with something that's so basic for the human survival ie LOVE. Having made a couple of films on love, for the third time in his career Gautam Menon has decided to embark on his favourite theme of love yet again. (Cheli and Ye Maya Chesave being the other two), and with a tagline like "This could be your love story", its hard not wait for the film.

Music is the heart and soul of any love story. Backed up by the maestro's music the album has some amazing songs. Infact more than the songs the instrumentals used to render the BGM (Backgroundmusic) has been incredible. Totally in love with it. Well who knows the job better than the man who has been doing it, for decades now. The greatness of the man lies in not letting the music into foreground even in songs, there by not hindering the flow of it. True stroke of a genius I believe.

Nani and Samantha have enacted the characters of Varun and Nithya. It might not be an exaggeration if I may say that they brought life to the characters on screen. After Ye Maya Chesave, Samantha finally gets a character with noticeable screen space and scope for acting. Now talking of the movie, it is all about slices of moments from a couple in love.A snapshot of various incidents from their scrapbook put together. I cannot tell if I really liked the movie, or maybe hated it. I'm still confused about what I think of it. Surely I did get connected to it though. Gautam tries to throw light up on the misunderstandings that happen between the couples, the change in priorities at various stages in life, about those ignorances and the more than common egos.

For most part of film I did really identify myself in few situations and thought it really would make sense to someone who's has been in love or at least thought of being in love. Whatever, but I was totally surprised when my Dad who is otherwise usually reserved when it comes to movies, was all praises for the movie. I thought it wouldn't really make sense to him and he wouldn't like the movie. But no, he went on saying he really liked the way Gautam has shaped up the characters and he told, people of this generation has gotten too busy even to sit down, talk and sort the issues.I gasped, "Boy,Gautam really knows to strike chord with people across ages." YVM is a bittersweet love story with lot of reality going in to it. There are few lines in the movie, which you can't help but accept they are true and it left me wondering when half the population is wondering what going on there, Gautam Menon seems to be having all the answers for it.

You maynot like the movie now. You might find it downright boring, crazy, stupid and not mention a plain torture. You are too worried about your time that, you may well skip the movie altogether. But years later when you watch it in TV, there will few scenes from the movie that would take you through your memory lanes. A few conversations that remind you of your own ones and yes you will tell it to yourself, It is not that bad! After all this could well be your lovestory.

PS: When it comes to characters, I liked Jessy from YMC better than Nitya from YVM. Jessy is more layered, mysterious, complex, confusing and not to forget gorgeous ;).

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