The thing that changed my life

9:57 PM

Internet.One of the most powerful forms of media.Its really had to imagine today's world without internet.Ever since its advent the world completely become a different place.No distance is too far and no time is too less.You can have anything and almost everything infront of you with in just a blink of eye.Google has influenced our life so much that it almost became synonymous with search and made Oxford place that word in its dictionary!!Anyways this post is going to be nothing about the technicalities of internet.After all its my blog and its got to be something about myself :|

I was introduced to internet for the first time when I was in VII standard.I even got my first email-id just then.But it took long time before I really experienced the magic of www!

I was in my second year of intermediate when I first heard of Orkut.There might have been few other social networking sites but Orkut was the biggest of all those then.Having an Orkut account was the coolest thing and definitely an achievement.If a person has more friends,more scraps or owns a community,he is hailed great.Talks about chatting,scraps and friends add requests have occupied the lion share of conversations.It let people interact who have never spoken before.It brought a new kind of relationship and friendship into existence.However cool Orkut was it still lacked something.Something more that people etched for but couldn't find it.

And then came Facebook.It opened avenues into a new world all together.It gave birth to status freaks.It just became a mania.It made people get addicted to some silly stupid and mindless games.It turned people more dumb and less active.I'm no exception.Well I dont mean it otherwise everyone of us have become victims of it.Every snap you take you think of putting it up on facebook.Every activity you do, you feel like sharing it with the whole world.It just drove people crazy and update everything of their life.

But just has coin has two sides.Facebook,Orkut,Yahoo did good to me as well.Infact I owe a lot to all these social networking and chatting platforms.It let me know different people across the world.It let me interact with varied kinds of people and update myself and adapt myself accordingly.The long chattings with few people form the most memorable and the most talked about things in my life.If things go well,and stars align and with Gods blessings on my side,it make even make my life :)!! Hoping it does.

For what I'm today I sincerely say I owe a part of it to Facebook,Yahoo and Orkut! Cheers

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  1. i too hope sun,solar system,stars n infact d whole universe align n MAKE YOUR LIFE!!

  2. rofl! i knw wat u r talking abt, number of scraps and all..rofl! 'twas