3 idiots

7:34 PM

I had this title long back in mind.But I dint really know what I really wanted to write under. I thought it would be better if I write this once I watch this movie.You can take it for granted that this was one of the reasons that kept me away from posting any further articles.But then ya I accept the fact its my laziness that keeps me away from.Yaar im trying..trying hard not to get this one rusted so here I go..
I really did lot of hardwork in watching this movie;).I made two appointments actually,just to keep my chances alive so that I can get to watch atleast with someone at the end of the day. I know thats bad but then it says it all that how badly I wanted to watch this movie. What I really did to watch the movie was not really important but then I know there are many people who are badly wanting to see the movie. I know people got crazy eva since this picture was announced.The reasons as very well known that it was the combination of Mr.Perfectionist,the ace khan, Aamir Khan and the man behind coining of the term Gandhigiri..who made all Indians think about Gandhiji and made us reemulate his path with is uncluttered,austere classic 'Lago Raho...', Raju Hirani. On top of it, it was announced that this film is loosely inspired by the most popular work of one of the youth icon Chetan Bhagat's best seller Five Point Someone.And I love reading books and I did read this one. I really loved the book.But then as its not about the book. Lemme move on.

I watched it few hours back and I'm still in its hangover. I've had certain expectations about the movie.Like this is how its gonna be.as I've read the book already and expected it to be a true copy of the book. But then I was proved to be wrong just at the very start of movie.Its very much justified, I mean the line loosely inspired from.In a nut shell its a story about 3 idiots. I guess the title says it all. But then its about 3 idiots who are not really idiots. If you know what I really know what I mean;).The movie has got everything in it. Its a perfect blend of entertainment and message.Equation is pretty simple Entertainment + Message=Movie- RajuHirwani style:).The essence of it is don't work to be successful, strive for excellence and success comes running after you.Its not just about the message but then the way its dealt. Its hilarious right from the opening scene.There are many scenes that keeps you on the edge of the seat as u can hardly stay still without laughing.

Ofcourse its got many scenes that make you think too, provokes you to question yourself what are we running ourselves to?!It questions the education system. And coming to casting you feel like its so perfect. Everyone fits into the role of their own. It appears to you as those characters are tailor-made for them and are born to do them.To speak of performances of Aamir and Boman Irani I dont think Im eligible to do that.They are at their best. I can only tell you its one of "The best" movies I've seen so far. Its simply outstanding.Dont miss the movie for anything I tell you I conclude saying Aaall izz Well :D!!

Gimme some sunshine
Gimme some rain
Gimme another chance
I wanna grow up once again

I felt that it would be unjust on my part to end this post without the mention of these lines from a song of this movie. Do watch it. I loved it an I bet you'l love it too :)

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  1. hey it was really cool n u hav put every thing accordin n the way u expressed it was nice ............ya it s tat it is a much awaited movie ny way u shoewd the movie in ur words it self
    keep it up ...

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  3. Really gud mvie mahn..:)
    I love it...:)
    The mvie n also the post:)

  4. hi man . this is stupendous, greatly for the fact
    that u have inspired me in creating my own blog. was always planning to have one. but today i woke up at 2am and had nothing could get into my mind other than creating a blog.
    thanks anyway...
    coming to ur post..... its very good. u have already reached the standard of blogger

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  6. MANN..!!!
    luk at this its dis idiot describing abt 3 idiots..!!

    this was an xclnt muvie review..!!

    speakin in da hard way..

    u rock man...this post has seriously increasd my zeal to watch da muvie..!!

  7. woooow!!! nice blog. It looks great and awesome stuff to read.