Its not always about the destination!

8:19 PM

With the raging success of Eega and everyone talking about how good the movie, it brought a few things that have always concerned me .Firstly, let me accept the fact that I'm one of those many guys who is totally blown off by the movie and its amazing visuals. Kudos to Rajamouli for letting me experience something so magical.

Somehow it never occurred to me that he was one of those folks of intelligentia. I mean no disrespect but I have always held him high for his unnerving guts, unwavering passion and unflinching dedication but no not intelligent.It appeared like hes from a different school altogether, where its got little to with intelligence and more to with passion. When its so difficult to reach the expectations of one person at any instance, this man has succeeded to exceed the expectations of everyone all the time with amazing consistency. Delivering a blockbuster on every outing is no mean feat, that too when it involves the coordination of so many forms of art. To work on a single project for two long years only requires a man of undying conviction and my respect for him has grew manifold for achieving what he did today and making us believe whats possible when you pour heart out on to something.

However, this post is not about the appreciating or acknowledge greatness of this man. Well my point here is something totally different. For a moment, lets us assume that the movie has not been such a hit as it is now. There was something in the movie that has disappointed us and left us lot to be desired. Does that take away all the hard work and effort the team has putforth for two long years. Does that mean that there wasn't enough conviction in their endeavor to make the film. I don't think so. Knowing that it could go wrong at any point of time and what was it that really made Rajamouli go for such a venture.??!!

An 'idea'. A 'thought' that doesn't let you rest until and unless you let it develop into a full picture and unveil the larger canvas right infront of you. Its the excitement that the idea stirs in us that,we let that take us in. I'm sure the man himself would have been totally clueless about the class of success the movie he was making was to receive. He honestly made an attempt and hoped that it would be appealing and liked by everyone. It was just a hope. It wasn't the craze for success that has drawn him into making such an experiment. It was the stir the idea of making a movie based out of revenge taken by a fly. It surely have invigorated him.

From my personal experiences of blogging, there goes lot of thinking and brain raking in putting up a title for a post. More the idea of writing a post I draw lot of pleasure in the process of arriving at a particular thought. It keeps me going. I feel its always the case with everyone who takes up any form of art to express himself. Its a constant effort of the artiste to satisfy his intense urge to develop his 'small idea in to larger something'. In the course of it he derives pleasure out of every single thought that goes into his mind finally judging what best suits his vision. An artiste would be successful(success being a relative term and for me success would me achieving something you have been visualising) if he is true to his vision and honestly goes forward by deriving pleasure out of the process of achieving something that being worried about the final product.

Its not about being successful. Its about making a constant effort to be one. Its not about the accomplishments. It is about the pleasure you derive in trying to achieve it. Its not alway about the destination. Its about the journey!!

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