Araku Contigency

10:45 PM

Its been quite sometime since I blogged last.I promised long back that I would come up with a post on my experiences at Araku.Its easy to make a promise but hard to keep up one!! The strong reason for the delay had become inevitable as I had to clear up certain confrontations I had back in my mind. Thanks to my friend for helping to sort things out and providing a new outlook towards certain aspects of life.Atlast I believe I'm in such a kinda position to state things just as they are rather than add my view to it:)

28.06.09, as far as I remember it was the most eventful day of all my life.A day that has offered remarkable levels of excitement, fun, anger, frustation,what not every possible feeling you can think of in the world.It has given me enough memories for life time,which I wouldn't forget in years to come.Hmm,well I think I arouse enough curiosity among you folks. So let me move on to that day..

Settling by along side Rohit and Harish on one of the footsteps of train was thinking of how the day progressed so far.Lets freeze the moment right there and get back a little into my memories.It wasnt just like any normal day.Ofcourse I had no clue of what it had got to offer me in hours to come but,its one of those rare days where I woke up pretty early and was ready much before anyone else could.Much to my own horror I even offered myself to assist my friend,our tour organiser Vijay.Upon his asking me n Harish rushed to station in an auto as it was raining a little more than what can be called a drizzle.Getting the job done as quickly as possible we stood there jobless admiring every possible beauty that passed us ;),waiting for the rest to join us.

They all managed to reach just on time when the train almost started to leave the station.Everyone got into the train with lot of effort and hussle.Now let me resume from where I paused.Its not far beyond anyones imagination, who travelled in Indian Railway atleast once ,that how the compartments are jam-packed.Not many of my friends could manage to be seated comfortable.I exempted myself from any further trouble of finding a seat and settled besides Harish and Rohit on the footsteps of a moving train and went on chatting about all the nonsense in the world.

In just few minutes,I was completely mesmerised by the beauty of the Nature. The weather,is just perhaps what could be called "Perfect".The valleys were covered with mist and fog and for a moment I thought I'm travelling in air( U gotta keep in mind that I was on the footsteps clearly exposed to the outside.)The best part of travelling in train to araku was when it passed through the tunnels.The train was filled with shrieks and shrills of the travellers everyone time it went through one.It was so electrifying.

WE got down at araku after about some 3 hours of journey.The weather was completely different at Araku and more pleasing as we did have the humidity just as in Vizag.It was a bit sunny with clear skies.A couple of discussions and negotiations took place before we really moved to the water falls in 4 jeeps.Rohit and Vinay were riding on their luck as they got into the one in which all the girls got into. I tell I could have given anything in the world to get into that:(. Later I was told that they had some gud time as the girls could hardly refrain themselves from singing!!

It was very bumpy ride to the fall and took about some 20 mins.At one point we reached a place where the vehicles could move no further. We had to set our feet on work and a half an hour of walk under midday scorching sun took us to the waterfall.The very sight of the waterfall lifted up everyones spirits:)!!

Time rolled pretty fast and it was around 2 that we returned back to the spot where we were supposed to have our lunch.Its at this point that the things started getting melodramatic and spiced up.....

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  1. hehe yeah that car ride was fun!!it tuk u jst half n hr??..i dont even remember how long it tuk us!!
    yeah after tht it got very melodramatic but it was really cool..i really liked the way all the guys handled the situation!! all of us did:)... cant wait for the other part of the post

  2. nice post ra.! talk abt ur will wrk. i thk u xpcted me to do ths lng back..sry dude, i ws a bit busy! keep rockn!

  3. thnx man:)!! feeling gud to c ur comment on my blog ;)!!

  4. yah i wud come up wid dat in next post..y i named in contigency!!

  5. hmm finally aracu!! tht probably ws d best part of d entire tour!! d way u guys handled things ws rili vry appreciative.. once again a big THANKS to all u guys..

  6. @rekha: dat was ur first comment in my blog..i shud say it came to mre as a shock than a surprise..;)...ur welcome btw!1

  7. @vnr:thats too mch of a compliment..thnk u thnx alot !!

  8. its simply superb........really ...the way u expressed with ur wordings........its awesome....... :)

  9. @rohit: i know wat u meant by that;)...
    @divya:thnx 4 da complimnt :)!!