500 Days of Bangalore

12:37 AM

The wide and clean roads, the ever pleasant weather, its not just this that makes the city beautiful. The cordial smiles that greet you every time you pass byand hospitable nature of the people just adds to the glory of the city. If it wasn't for them, its hard to find the Punjabis,Gujjus, Marathis, Tamilians, Telugites, Malayalees, who not, people from every corner of the country living so affably. The city is juxtaposed with bustling industries on one end while swarming with plush malls, posh MNCs and termed as the IT hub of the state. The city does well to protect its age old heritage while not missing out to catch up with latest buzz.
Despite all these, the city has a sense of calmness to it that casts a soothing effect on, making even a stranger feel at home. Long before you know,slowly yet steadily you would end up owning the it and the city forming inseparable part of your life. For everything the city is and for everything it is not, its hard not to fall in love with Bangalore.

For a guy who has come to city in the prospect of a career, the city has offered him many a moments to relish. It tested him, troubled him at times but never to a point where it is out of control. Having started of from a point of, 'Nothing to lose, I have ended up gaining quite a few. Friends, memories and experiences. Truly priceless.'

Here I'm, acknowledging the people who have made my stay in the city a memorable one that it is now.
Starting off with Rohit Chandra,for the friend he always has been. Being there for me in the deepest of troubles and greatest of happiness. The deepest of troubles me being, my endless search of a room which was nothing short of a wild goose chase ;). For introducing me to some great friends of his, who have turned out to be equally good friends of mine :D. A special mention of thanks to his Karizma, for the wonderful rides I shared with it. Was a pleasure riding it.

To Himamshu, for the endless conversations we had about Cricket and at times of the majestic city Mumbai. They were happy times. I can never forget the day we hung out at the roadside. Sorry to have forgotten the name dude. But the food there was awesome and we hogged like crazy. Should do it sometime I come to Bangalore again.

Siddarth,a designer by profession and photographer by passion, thank you for listening to my craziest of ideas and dumbest of doubts.Our love for cinema would make up for a different post altogether. I shall remember this guy for his amazing idea of 'Cracking CAT' if not for anything else. LOL

Naveen Kumar Singh. Not a fearsome as the name sounds.Chocolate boy of the group. King of PJs. Thanks for being the entertainer you are :).

Phanindra Sastry, the gadget guru, tech freak, thank you for cooking me the awesome rasam on my last birthday. And thanks to you for now I have been a biggest fan of Agam & Yodhakaa now :D.

Kasyap for being my first roommate. Dude, you are an awesome listener.Thanks for bearing with all my cribs and rants of my lost love, my new found crush. Thank you for everything. And for that matter, shall never forget my first ever lunch in Bangalore, on roads. A cup of maggi on a mid summer afternoon squatting on the stairs. Nothing short of awesome :P

Ramprasad for the mentor and guide you have been to me . Quoting you 'There are no mistakes. Only lessons'. Shall never forget this in a long time to come. :) Had a great time working with you. Vinay, hope you didn't mind my leg pullings and incessant buggings. It was fun to be having a friend like you at work place. Wishing you luck for your future and I'm pretty sure you would be meeting your dream date pretty soon ;). Harish, Mallikarjun, Kantharaj, thank you for the great time we had together. Harish you really have given me some great ideas, that I'm trying to work on.Chetan, someone who carried a true genial smiles in toughest of times. Looking forward for a day when you would narrate a story. Wish you luck on that.

Jagannath, thank you sir for being there and encouraging me at every possible step in my work. Baskar Sir, thanks for kind support and encouragement . Will always cherish the conversations we had. Pandian and Pavan for being my first point of brush in to the real corporate world. Pandian Sir you been a great entertainer on and off work. One of the best managers ever. Pavan Sir, it has been a great learning experience to be working under you so early in my life. Think out of box sessions with you were really a greatly help and will take forward a lot from it. A special thanks to Anand Sir for the favor and conversations that kept spreading smiles around in the workplace.

Arvind Kasturi,my team lead, someone who greatly inspired me and proved to me than you can always drive change if you are willing to go that extra mile for the team. It had been fun working under or rather should I say with you, I really believe I have found a mentor and even greater friend in you. A special mention of thanks for all lifts and the final farewell.
Umakanth, who turned out to be a good friend in such a good time and even more good human being. A piece of advice boss, Keep spending money for yourself at times.Rajesh, Dinesh, Siddarth thanks for being a great team.

Saving the best for the last, Mythreyi Akka & Sharat Bawa two people, I'm greatly indebted to. Never would I ever done to forget what they people have to me. No words would suffice and no amount of thanks would do. Those last 8 months in Bangalore surely goes down as the best and all thanks to you.Gonna miss your Magai Pappu. And I'm gonna miss the constant jibes from Sharat bawa. That was one helluva time I had. Special thanks to Mr.& Mrs. Dayanand for keeping up with me all the way. Not to forget the two lovely, adorable kids, Tanmayi & Nishant, who played with me, let me revisit my childhood and relive it. Also for the making me the wonderful baby sitter I'm :P.

A super special mention of thanks to an amazing friend Bangalore has given. Swathi. Thank you for putting up with my never ending, incessant leg pullings. Thanks for all the amazing conversations. Sheer fun :)

Thats all about it. The best 500 Days of my life, if I may say. And I'm sure, my tryst with Bangalore is not all over yet. Its just a mere pause in a long play ;) :)

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  1. Awesome!!
    I read just a few lines...

  2. A wonderful post about some precious moments of ur life. Light and very good that u've managed to mention everyone (i presume) who made ur stay in Bangalore a special one. :-)

  3. Nicely written down the memory lane... Its always pleasure in remembering the happiest moments and smiling with tears! I hope the names you mentioned here will do the same when they read this...

  4. sounds great to know that you've found so many people who mean so much.
    cool man

  5. Great....... lots n lots of memories........your dedication, humbleness and your communication skills will take you to reach your target at the earliest ....All the Best....Keep Rocking