Total Recall '09

11:38 AM

PS:1 This is my first post thats going to very lengthy. So set yourself accordingly.
2 I'm going to speak my heart out in the next few minutes.Don't blame if you find this boring.

Hey folks, spare if my titles are sounding so filmy;).I can't really believe it that we are done with 2009 and theres not going to anymore of it.Days rolled in pretty fast. I still have many memories of it lingering in my mind. Many incidents stay so afresh in my grey cells.What an year it has turned out to be.Lot of things happened in and around the world.

What happened around the world isn't much of my concern because I'm so self-conceited:D.So I would hardly mention any of them now.I don't like to bore you by describing the sorts of events I've attended or the kind of things I did. I don't know whether to call it one of the best years I've ever had. No, I don't think so.Surely not when I think of my results. I screwed with them, they were the horrible results I've had in all this years of my study. So would that allow me to call it one of the gloomy years of my life.It can't be, because I had lot of fun-filled moments and awesome experiences during the industrial tour to Vizag . I would like to write a piece on it shortly.I'm committing myself to it, so that I gotta do it. I'm quite contrast to Pokiri, I hardly commit myself. Even if I eva did I dont usually stick to it ;). Looks like I'm getting off the track.

Coming back to the point.The last 365 days of my life are in a way very special to me. I don't say that I had blissful moments all through the year. I had equally bad ones. There were times which when I think about,makes me feel I shouldn't have done it that way.It had given me moments that I would love to cherish. The first thing I remember of the year reunion of my school friends. I was longing to get there and I had a very little time at my disposal. I scurried hither and thither to my place and had most of it. I meet almost everyone of my childhood chums. Its always a great feeling to get back in touch with your old pals and I feel one shouldn't miss it for anything. Its been one few good times I had in the last year.I should tell you this has in a way influenced me a lot. All of sudden, my routine has changed.My mobile was used to get flooded with forwards from my schoolmates. It marked the start of my using mobile extensively.

It was the year which helped to get on top of my laziness and get the internet connection. I wanted it badly for over two years and never really worked to get one. But then things have forced me so much that I had to get it. Even this one turned out to be the next big thing that had happened. Don't you think its just because of the victory of my I sit here blogging :P.

Well days rolled pretty fast. My semester got ended. I was very much confident of doing well or rather the other way round. I didn't know it until the results were out. They turned to very contrasting to what I expected them to be. It had been a kind of routine that I expect something and the results not letting me down would turn up to be a disaster.I don't know where and how things went horrible wrong. I was so let down, so so depressed. It was the darkest phases of the whole of last year. I didn't know how to handle it. Thanks to all my friends who were by the side of me and let a shoulder to cry upon. Had it not been for all of them I don't know where I would've ended up now.It made me realize what really true friends mean and what friendship is all about. I was hit with vengeance. I was so determined to study well and be very studios. As a matter of fact I was really so for about a week.Few more days into the semester and all my fervor to read and do well in the exams gradually eased out and it started seeming so normal again.

Meanwhile many things happened simultaneously. Life is just an assembly of lot of things happening around you.Ain't it I'm a mechie and I don't think it can be put any better technical speaking :D.I have had many new friends and interestingly most of them turned out to be my best pals now. I owe it most of it to the net. It may sound strange that I'm connecting frivolous things together. That, me, considering net as something remarkable which may seem so inconsequential to you. But then thats life. We may or sometimes may not notice the significance of small acts we make.Its surely gonna leave a mark on us. Its not just that I've had so many friends during this time. I had some misunderstandings creeping in between my existing friends. Of which I don't know whether I had to carry the blame of guilt or not but then I'm happy that I could finally patch up and get things straight by the end of the year :).

The last semester had gotta do with something outstanding in me. I nevva had my attendance more than 78 in all these months of my engineering.But in the last semester dono what and how it could happen but then I kept up my attendance way above 90 percent. Its nothing but a miracle to myself.Good God, I remember my friends getting green when I spoke of my attendance :P.I was bothered with something which could neva have got into this blog had it not been for my outstanding ability to enhance the complexity of things around me by thinking too much. I wasn't able to talk to person I wanted to . Considering myself to be very talkative. I couldn't stand my failure in this aspect. I did spend lot of hours in giving a lot of thought to it. Trying to figure out reasons to satisfy myself with some irrelevant explanations. I don't understand what let such trivial things bother me so much. As it said things don't end unless it has a happy ending, this had a happy ending and thank God that I'm finally able to do talk with the person :).
Its not just that. Its an year which gave a new dimension to myself. It let something happen which I had in mind for about an year or so.I've been a blogger finally and I could write something. Its helping me a lot to pour out myself. So all in all the last one was so special to me. I loved it for every experience, every memory it left me. I cherish them.
I'm looking forward to have the same kind of experiences in the next 365 days to go or to be more precise 363 days and 10 hours.Keeping my eyes open for every kind of suprise it has in store for me.Be it a happy or a sad or a adventurous or boring or whatever kind of moment be it I would love to live life to the fullest.

And you know what I've bid good bye to the last year n welcomed this new year in a different manner. I was travelling and was in train. This is my first time to do it that way.So that keeps me more interested for whats going happen to ahead:).

Get yourself tuned to face every bit of this year. Wishing you all the a very happy,cheerful and prosperous new year.May this year help you in fulfilling your dreams.Hope you all succeed in keeping up the resolutions taken. Remember success comes only the hard way. Keep going

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