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AECL wondering what it is? Or what it stands for?! Advanced English Communication Lab.Well I've got this lab in this semester.I'm into my third year of engineering and a English Communication lab!! I had almost 10 years of schooling barring the two years of kindergarten , then two years of intermediate thing.Now I'm almost done with two and half years of my graduation.All this in English.Ofcourse almost everyone does it the same way. Is there a real need for this lab I wondered when I had a keen look into my syllabus book an year back. That was the first time I kind off explored it :D. Lemme try and find an answer to this, whether is a real need for it by the end of this article.

Today I had my first AEC lab.I would like to share what all kind of thoughts that ran through my mind during that two hour odd session.( I was late by about an hour ;)). I've put a quite a lot of show to catch the bus and manage to attend the lab. I'm not going to the details of how I did that keeping view the length of the blog that may scare the reader :P.

I entered the lab an hour late with a kind of dumb expression on my face without a clue about whats going on in the lab. I was asked to give an explanation for my being late. I anticipated this the moment I got on into the bus. I delivered the ready made answer "college bus ma'am" I never thought I can be so expressionless while saying something. Somehow finally managed to find a place and took a while to get settled and figure out whats going on around there. It didn't really require me to use any of my intelligence which I seldom do though:P. Just a bit of common sense and a round of enquiry with my friends was all I needed.

It was an intro session going on .Its been almost about two years and more but not less since we all came together. But it took me by little surprise that I hardly know nothing about most of them in the class but their names.I was all ears to know what all my friends I would rather choose to say most of my classmates have to got to sat about themselves.

Then it started one after the other went on listing out their long list of achievements.For a sometime it sounded to me like a self boasting session not for too long though. I was forced by few of my friends to get up to challenge and speak as it was most of the girls who did the intro part for most of the time. But then I was very reluctant to go and speak. I dono is it because of my lack of confidence or because I was enjoying what I was hearing. Or was it because of both. I'm not really sure about it.

I suddenly realised then that I had been a lousy loser. I had been nothing but a moron in past two years or so. I did a little more than a handful of things during my school days. Name any literary event I used to be front runner. But I did nothing remarkable all through these days.Not even in the academics. I was suddenly crest-fallen not that I don't knew this but then I was posed to such a situation to accept nothing but the truth. The truth that hurts badly. I find it very difficult express my feeling. I feel quite indifferent about myself. I don't write this post expecting things to change all of sudden immediately after writing this blog or that I would all together transform from a moron to someone successful over night.But then I learnt thats its never too late to start something and every successful journey starts with just a step forward. Ya, I know that we've been listening to the lines full of gyaan all through our childhood. But then no one grasps its really meaning, not unless demanded by the circumstances.Happy to know it atleast now.

Are you confused. Do you feel its quite irrelevant what I posted under what sort of title. I cant really tell is it really important to have AECL lab but it had some kind of self-realisation and hope this marks certain kind of change in me. So I connected the thread.Maybe badly, but then I atleast tried man. ain't I??

Hey there's something really important that I've learnt today. Most gals do a fab job when asked to carry out a informal intro(observatn based on small no. thou :P) !!

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  1. we people always wake up late and sleep early. we are those people who dont want to work our asses.
    may be we start to......

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  3. self boasting session the in thing is..."when u have it, fluant it[:p]"...we too had dis lab in our 3-1. we went through the same pain.....suddenly we realized that we didnt accomplish the past 2 years........but we forgot that point the very same day

  4. is how u were done with ur lab........ :P
    and the sentence so called "coll bus ma'am"
    is hilarious........

  5. hehe thnk u thnk u:)!! uve got gud sense of humor ;) :P!!