Judging by ones rules

10:54 PM

I had a conversation with one of my friends today and it made me think a little more about this.Its not something I never thought of, but I never paid it as much attention as I'm now paying it. Well its quite common for us to have certain opinion on the people whom we interact.Be it friends,classmates, to put in short whoever play some or the other part in busy routine lives of ours.

"First impression is the best impression". I'm sure everyone might have come across this line atleast once in life.But how many people really agree with it?!! Is it always that the first impression we make of a person the right one.Necessarily not. Infact in most of the cases looks turn out to be quite deceptive and there is a every chance of getting a person wrong.

It also happens that at times we get highly influenced by people around us.We take it for granted their opinions of others to be ours.When a friend of ours hates a person for his own reasons we tend to acquire the hatred towards that person for no reason of ours.It can be because of our too much of loyalty and trust towards our friend that it goes unquestionable.

Today my friend told me about few people that he doesn't really value them and they are not even worth talking about.He gave his own explanation to justify what he said.Everything sounded damn right then.Moments later we had seen each other off I just gave it a thought and realized I don't really need to go with him because I know those people much better than he does.

Anyway I just conclude saying that never let others opinions influence you in judging someone. Go by what your heart says.Keep off from prejudices!!!

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  1. yup. no prejudices. and everytime you meet a person is different from some the previous time. no one's the same forever. so, never decide. interesting.

  2. feeling gud to c ur comment on my post...thnx :)!!

  3. totally agree wid it...by the way who r u talking abt?

  4. i dono wat u talkin abt but ur rite in sayin that u shud hav ur own point of view...which is not influenced by others...!!

    p.s. i do believe that d first meet counts a lot...its not about how their appearance is...u can know a lot 4m their body language, the way they talk,walk etc

  5. @sush: thnx 4 agreeing..but i wish to keep dat to myself.
    @nidhi: wen i say looks r decepti..i dnt js mean looks alone..everythng one gets to see 4m a person can b pretentious!!

  6. haaan yaa possible but u get some vibe n just get to know whos rite whos not...dono happens with me!!