Putting my memories to sleep

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Well if I dont write this now I dont think I'll ever be able to!! Its been over 10 months since me and my classmates are done with our industrial tour but the memories of it are still afresh in my mind and I already shared few of my experiences of it.I know people are waiting for so long for the ending.Not sure if this is how I exactly planned to end my experiences when I started it for the first time.Anyway here I go...

It was around 1o'clock that we all reached a small hotel on the road to have our lunch.At this point something happened that I was completely pissed off because it was one of those situations where you find everyone giving orders but none to take them. Unfortunately I was being told to what to do by every one there and this made me piss off completely. And my headache made things worse for me.It was like I was away from this world for few moments not sure of whats happening right infront of me and lost any connection with my surroundings.I guess this phase of mine lasted for about half and hour.Once I was feeling normal I just realised how quickly things change. How much is that half an hour of lapse in concentration can cost me is what I didn't know at that point of time.

Later I was told by my friends that a few guys who were high after their midday booze passed some lewd comments on few of our class girls during lunch. Just when it appeared that things were completely getting out of our hands,few of my classmates intervened and with there heroics and got scores settled with them.I meant to say the guys used physical power to thrashed them off to floor and get them straight.It was fine to this point as it would've been the same thing anyone of would've done had their been any another women in that place.I was back in my senses once this was over and started feeling little better after a dose of crocin.Seriously Crocin is a savior I should say. Hmm after that I thought maybe this incident would atleast let the girls make a move and start a talk with guys in the normal course of time by thanking those guys as a gesture of courtesy.(which hardly trigged any conversation between any of us.Interestingly 10 months after that things are appearing to change)

Right after our lunch we all have been to Borra Caves.Helping someone is always good but showing off infront of girls isnt!!They were few guys who just overreacted and tried to use this situation to their advantage. I find it funny even to date.Few of the guys started rounding up girls and were passing orders to rest of us to do so.I was told it was to protect them from being seen as those rogues may turn up anytime again.Rofl what am I to say to that??

Borra Caves is one the best tourist attractions in Araku as you all know but it is going to be fun only when you have a guide like "Raju" to explain you all about it. He wasn't really good in Telugu nor in English.And his funny accent made us all laugh our lungs out. He used to point at different spots on the walls of the cave and went on quizzing us "Who you think is this?" Even the best guess haunter wouldn't have got it right in his wildest of his dreams.He made us look at blank walls and say this is something that closely resembles a tiger.His creativity of imagination ranged from a gun in a hunters hand to Lord Srirama's bedroom! To date I really wonder about his abilties. I think if ever James Cameron visits India someday he should meet this guy first as it may lead to some another movie "Unseen Imaginations at Borra Caves" by James Cameron.

Once we're done with it we returned to get into bus and remember folks all this while the girls wer escorted by few guys in the front and rounded at the end too. It was told that it was taken in lines of keeping "SECURITY" of girls in mind. I wonder if there was really such a need for so much show off!!

Everything was fine after we were back in our rooms at Vizag. It was not until 11.30 in the night that something eventful happened. Had I been good and went to bed I don't I would've had taken so long about putting up this post and there wouldn't have been innumerable and countless discussions with someone just trying to make a point. But that night definitely remains to be a memorable one despite the fact that it left many of my questions unanswered. I dnt really want to get into details but it just made me know how much playful can girls get in tours;)!! They made hell lotta noise while having fun that they freaked out people in the adjoining rooms and got scoldings from our lecturer.I couldn't stop laughing at it and after a couple of minutes while one of my friend started moving towards their rooms, the girls, who were roaming in corridors around midnight started running into their rooms shouting” he is coming run in to our rooms”.All this happened around 1.30 in the night.

I didnt get much off a sleep that night.The next morning we had been to BHPV.It was good experience.Most of the guys got bored half way through it and tried their own means to entertain themselves.Kailasagiri was our next place of visit.It was almost mid day by then.I tell one can get the best view of the city from the top of it.
I Rohit and Vinay went on roaming along the tracks of the tram.We had a good time all this while.The rope way experience was first for most of us and it was it not half as scary as I thought and got disappointed as it didnt leave me any traces of an adventure feel.

In the evening on our way back to railway station, few things happened.Rohit and Rishi started pulling off the legs of couple of a couple of guys in the class.Once it took off almost everyone joined the party and tried their hand in teasing those guys.At the end,just when it appeared its getting too much,my friends made up for all the teasing they did and a smile on the faces of those guys as well.Even the antaykshari thing was some level fun.Oops,I guess I've said enough so lemme wind up here that the I had my first ever complete night out on the way back to hyderabad during which I din even try to sleep 4 a minute!!

I always thought I would feel better once I finish off writing these part and get answers to the questions I've been putting to myself all these months.But looks like it doesn't.Hoping that this post has provided you some good reading experience,I sign off with that satisfaction.

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  2. good mama...but I think there was no need to mention mine and Rohit's name...but All is Well...your attempt to post memorable moments of our vizag tour is itself worth a praise...good work keep it up Bommakanti!!

  3. i really like a few parts, but then i feel there's something lacking.

    btw, i never got to tell you, i love that phrase

    'everybody has a story to tell'.

    hats off.

  4. @adi: I dnt think I can really tell my happiness in words whenever i see a comment from you in blog!! they mean a lot.n thnx abt dat phrase too!!
    Coming to the post..yah even I'm not happy with the way I wrote it.Because I din exactly describe what happened and what were my feelings on that.One I was so wrried abt the length and it was a sensitive thing that I thot I shdnt hurt the feelings of around me. Mayb amalgamtion of all these made ti look lik dat!!