the best of the tour-2

8:39 AM

It wasn't before 10.30 we reached Delhi.Just as we reached there the usual chore followed,allotment rooms and then little confusion over who to stay in which room and which room to take.We had our dinner just little after midnight and I immediately hit the sack as I was pretty tired.It didnt take me too long to doze off as the A/c in the room did its best to keep the room cool ;).Despite the fact the to beds pretty late in the night the previous day, we were made to wake up pretty early.The weather all of a sudden seemed very different in the morning.I was told that it rained heavily overnight and was still drizzling by the time we were having our breakfast.Upma it was, and ya I made sure I just had something so that I don't feel hungry before noon.(Upma was never my choice of breakfast anytime).It was still drizzling as we headed towards Rashtrapati Bhavan road.We dilly dallied across the residences of ambassadors and the Parliament.We hadn't got the permission to get into any of those buildings.Enthusiastic photographers tried their best to click the photographs as were on the move.Not sure how successful were they in it.Next in the list of our places of visit was Birla Mandir.It very different to the one at Hyderabad.

The rain ceased by the time we got to Qutub Minar. One of the oldest monuments in the Delhi.I kept talking about this place and definitely not for the right seasons.We guys roamed around and had photos around the place.There was a tree opposite to the minar that grabbed the attention of our class gals.They seemed to have liked it a lot that they took some zillion snaps around(no pun intended).Ofcourse later on they did take a few snaps of them in filmy style which were pretty creative,I admit.I was also told that taking snaps and carrying your memories in terms of photos in never a bad thing and ya I agree with that.However things didnt go well as few guys blamed gals for the delay and we may fall short of time later on in the day for shopping.Sun finally announced his presence by the time we reached Lotus temple, we managed to get out of there as quickly as possible.Speaking about Lotus temple, its offers something to think about for an architect.Hehe,I remember me and rohit having a talk about the design strategies of buildings and its technicalities of it :D. A few guys tried to quench their thirst with coconut water around and can u guess the price of one coconut?! Its 30rs a piece and we realized those people are gonna rob us roayally.

Akshardham,it was really one of those very few beautiful temples I've been to.It undoubtedly stands the best.Whats more interesting is, the whole temple was constructed in just less than 5 years.Its incredible given the amount of finesse and niche they've shown in crafting and carving.You barely see any walls without any work on them.I'm sure you would be left spellbound having learnt about the expertise of Indian scultpors and craftsmen.The moment you've been there, you would feel like you've gone back in time,and almost impossible to believe that it the temple was built in the recent times.I just stand up and ovate for the worksmenship shown by all the people who worked for it.We hogged at the foodcourt in the temple.The coke there could just be said water in black color.It was absolutely tasteless.We guys tried few Gujarati delicacies,I would say all due credit to that Kareena's scene in 3idiots.It was too sweet to be had just like that.I din like it.With very little communication,as a matter of fact I would say no communication rather,we ended up waiting inside the temple trying all possible ways to entertain ourselves as we were told that the gals have been for boating.I guess this went on for about an hour or so.Tired and bored of waiting any further we went out.Not before getting lost in our way and having a round of ice golas of different flavors :P.
Later we learnt only to our horror that the gals were out there much before us and were waiting.That was never intentional,but it sounded as if we did it on purpose.Everyone had their own way of looking at this thing and I'm not gonna offer any more explanation of this.

It was almost 2.30 and most of them around were so hungry that they could eat a horse :D.The lunch was arranged at India Gate.It was so decided as a time saving measure.The place where lunch was arranged was not the best of the kind and you wouldn't be able to have anything unless you are really hungry.The place was damped and slippery.I myself made comfortable on a tree and I'm thankful to my friends for having got me dishes served.As always I just made sure I'm not starving.Quickly had something and got out of their.Most of the girls have really liked the place and kept on complaining about it.I wouldn't blame them that either.What followed later on just made sure that India Gate somehow stands out as one of the most memorable places in life.Would never forget it.This time around a few guys again delayed and this pissed few gals,as they were so desperate to go on for shopping.It took much out of the organisers to make sure we all stick together.It was around 4 that we reached Far market.We were given 2 hours of time for the shopping and were asked to assemble back before 7 at Birla Mandir.

We all had fun time shopping.I just understood that its much tougher to shop for a girl than to shop with a girl.It might be very hard for a gal to choose what she wants out of soo many things she like.But without a gal around,its almost impossible to decide what she would want.If asked to shop for a gal or go for shopping with a gal I would definitely opt for the second, undoubtedly.Every did their bit of shopping guys went crazy about shoes and tee shirts,while gals got too many bags and chappals.
On our way back we got into Metro.It was really a cool experience the whole thing.

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  1. gud job vasi...likd it a lot..cud recall all fun v had der!!!n to say v r wel dun wit our photography!!!!n u no dat!!!n bout akshardham is really true...(n nw got 2 no dat u ppl din no dat v r waitin)...hope ur version is true..n at last shopping wit a gal or shoppin 4 a gal....i think u can manage both!
    """"sincere advice:::go 4 da 1st option"""""

  2. @swathi: thnx..n ya about ur advice i surely keep dat in mind!