the best of the tour

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As I already told the tour wasn't a great one for me personal,but it still left me some beautiful memories that I would love to carry forward and seen them in black and white.
So I pick those moments which cemented their place in my grey cells.

It was during the first day of the tour at Agra.Despite the fact that weather was hot and humid,everyone was high in their spirits and were pretty excited and busy capturing snaps of others around and the fort of Fathepur Sikri. The photographer in Rohit came to life for a moment as it offered some excellent chance to hone his skills but he let him die,keeping in view the time factor,but not before making up his mind that he would comeback some other point of time in life and get as many snaps possible.

One thing about all the tourist spots in Delhi n Agra is that you'll be flooded by vendors selling different items.Don't fall for the trick that kids are working hard in the hot sun and buy things from them,thats nothing but asking for more trouble.That evening few gals played card games with our mentor and he could win none of the games he played!!

The next day we had been to Taj Mahal and we had one of those rarest opportunity of glimpsing Taj in rain.I dont know about others,but I couldn't stop complaining about the weather in Agra as I really had some horrible time with it.It was on the afternoon of second day that we headed to Delhi with a plan to have a look at Mathura and Brindavanam.It was around 4 that we reached Mathura on the way.By the time we reached Mathura few guys stayed back in the bus,complaining that the Mathura temple w is full of rats and unhygenic and wouldn't be a great place to visit.As I me and Rohit, having got nothing to do staying back in bus started off to temple with others.

And what happened next was something really funny and hilarious.We were asked to stand in line for the security check and everyone of us expected it to be another formality thats done for the heck of it.But no! we were totally wrong.We were been subjected to one of its kind security check.We were groped and searched in ALL possible ways and having experienced it, that left every one of us laugh our asses out watching Abhinay being groped!!I remember Rohit and falling on the floor unable to bear the pain of laughing.ROFL

The temple was unbelievably neat and clean and we later learnt that the security check of that kind was inevitable because of the sensitivity of that area and possibility of religious clashes.On the way back we had lassi in matkas and that was really tasty..MmMm!!The hawkers dint even leave us there.They came up with toy whistles and Vuvuzela kind of things few guys bought them and started blowing them together in unison which made it hell for others to listen.Me harish and a couple of others were the victims of this blowing session!! Added to it the tickle torture,I had no way to escape.

Upon on the Sirs' constant appealing we "had" to visit the Brindavanam.Its definitely not worth a visit,if any of you folks plan to.There were numerous temples around the place and on the way of visiting one there were many monkeys all around the place and our class girls scared like crazy.OMG, I just cant tell you enough how much scared they were :P.Something that gets me laughing everytime I think of it!!

Later on when we were about to get into bus our mentor was standing besides as.Me and rohit got a bottle of water and having it.Our Mentor was staring at us.Thought probably he is thirsty and we asked him "Sir do u want water?" and after some million seconds of staring at the bottle and us alternately he opened his mouth to say the golden words "So......(silence followed for another eternity)water?!!!!followed with his most notorious nod!I couldnt help it but die laughing but couldn't do it either for the sake of respect and the moment he left us,all we could do was laugh laugh and laugh.

It was around 6 by the time we started off to Delhi.The girls started off singing antakshari and it went on for about 2 n haf hours by the end of which everyone are done with their share of singing and couldn't even think of a song on more than few letters.The interesting part of it was,during more than few occasions the songs we sang were like La li la li la lo. and Jana gana mana! rofl can u believe it we sang them!!Taking cue the gals sang rhymes like twinkle twinkle little star n all copy cats :P. At the end it got boring and we had to urge few of the last set of guys who were singing with lot of enthusiasm to have some sleep in peace before we reach Delhi!!

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  2. i thot ull post dat monkeeyz part .... bt i thnk dats nt soo unusual 2 gt scared wid dem unlike u who gt scard lukng at a vry common animal(DOG) v see evryday ........... ha ha..

  3. it wasnt dog that scared was sudden and unexpected leaping of something took me aback!! N it was not that i got scared..js a stimulus of brain..a sharp reacation :P

  4. soo... jus 4 an unexpected thing u cme acrss wid u reactd soo sharplyy..guess hw much shuld v react wen an animal(s) jumps 4rm one place 2 anothr passing us.....

  5. definitely dude watchin TAJ in rain was great experience......n also d mentor episodes.....