Few answers,RGV and many more!

11:56 PM

Why do I blog? One question I've been asked many a times than not.I've not answered this nor gave a serious thought to find one.Today without even actually making an attempt,I think I know why!

Blogging lets me talk to so many people out there in the world.It lets me do it without fear of having been asked why do really have to do it when noone actually asks me my take on about all the things I say.Being the kind of expressive person I'm its a choice I've to let out my thoughts and share with everyone around.Its a chance to those people who try to understand and a source to check their opinions on me for those folks who misunderstood and get to know me better.

You might now ask,"do you think we really have so much time to do all this bit of getting to know you better?!" Its for you to decide and make a call as your not being forced to do this.You always have a choice to proceed further of close this window and get going with your chore!

Moving on ,I've been reading quite alot of Ram Gopal Varma.I presume you know who he is. More than his films I like his writings.Its those writings that influenced me more than anything else.Perhaps, the reason for this is when it comes to movies all you get to see is the final result which is amalgamation of so many departments and the way you perceive it is totally different from what the director actually want you to understand from it.It might even vary everytime you get to see a movie depending on your mind set at that point of time.You wouldn't get to know whats directors vision in showcasing a particular emotion or chosing a particular angle or for that matter why a character is meant to be so.Oh ya folks, I totally know movie is just a source of entertainment.You don't have to really know the insights or try to look at anything from a directors perspective.

For me movie is another form of art.Art in its varied form.Not all movies might attain a cult status or remains as a classic just like not every book written is a great book or not every poetry written beautiful but then it still is a form of art.Also, I believe a written piece is more better form of art than a cinema.Probably I totally agree with those people who say a movie is more evolved and developed form of art with lot of technicalities involved.Every time you read a book you are free to imagine, as your imagination has no bounds.You'r not restricted by any visual infront of you. Read first few pages of book and you would be in total sync with the writer.You would look at every character from his perspective and you would get a better idea of what the writer meant from a particular character and what is he driving you at.Because here the writer relies very much on his sheer talent and him alone and ofcourse the readers ability to comprehend it.Just because there is no other intervention the chances that the writer is bound to succeed in trying to drive his point him is much higher when compared to that of a director of a movie where he has to depend on many other technical features to actual convey his idea in the way he wants it to do it.

I think I got lost somewhere and am drifting away.Let me get back on track.Where was I talking about RGV's writting.Ya I'm wholly in love with his writings.He's one guy who actually practises just what he preaches.Oh maybe preaches isn't a write word.Because he never says he is right and you are supposed to walk in his way.Just laid hands on..Ramu's autobiography"Na Istam" I think I might do justice in writing about him once I'm completely done with reading it.Would meet you soon once I'm done.See ya!

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  1. naa ishtam's a good read but ramu's a goddamned hypocrite.

  2. dude im synchronized with ur blogs, though u dun give a damn chance to imagine.. everything is there(i mean no need 4 anyone to imagine).
    N absolutely true is wat u've written about sync with the author. I've xperienced it. Waitin for the column tat u've told me bout.