2:31 PM

"Its weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more then friends to being practically strangers again ... and it all happens so fast.."
How long it took me to figure out whats exactly bothering me over the last few days.Its this.Its a status of one of my frens on facebook.I happened to come across this and it was at that moment I realized,I'm going through something very similar.Something uncalled for.

I'm annoyed,frustrated and so irritated with myself.I dont know.Just accept things as they are.What does one exactly mean by that.Does it mean to live with something even though not exactly liking them that way.Does it mean that one should try and stop sorting things out.I've no idea.I'm trying hard to figure it out.I wish to do that pretty soon.I have no idea what this post is supposed to me.Theres lot I would want to tell.But yet again I dont see a point.I dont understand myself.What do I want to happen.What I wish to see.I've been cribbing quite alot offlate.

I know one thing, this post stands as a testimony that I'm not exactly happy with the way things are at the moment,despite the fact that I've more than a reason to be happy.Let this remain as a proof that I once have been struggling hard to know what I'm really upto, what do I wish to do and what I would like to do to make what I want to do happen!!

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