Now or Never

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I want to be the man who's seen life. Who's slept on footpaths and the costliest of hotels. Who's dined with paupers and pampered adults. Who's lived in a group and who understands solitude. I want to be the man who quotes and is worth quoting. I want to be the man who's truly lived. Summing it up, I want to be most interesting guy I know. Somebody who can entertain audience in dinner table conversations all night long. I want to be that guy -Aditya Sirish
I don't know, it has been what I wanted to be all my life but I could never express it so convincingly to even myself until I read them on this guys blog a couple of days back. Its not for the first time this guy floored me with his writings and lines. He speaks for himself most of the times,but in doing so he is voicing out the feelings and thoughts of many people like me out there who can only think abstract, always pass through this feeling of almost got there but never really make it to that,who are incapable of expressing themselves as brilliantly as he does.He seems to have a way with words. I always wanted to thank this guy for being the source of inspiration but never had the guts to do so. I felt so small as compared to this guy and never wanted to embarass myself for the lack of words to thank him enough. However, after reading his post Dreamweaver, I made up my mind to thank him and acknowledge him being my source of inspiration, in the best possible way I could it. My first association with his blog came about 3 and half years ago. I was going through a blog of my distant cousin and there was the mention of this guy being the reason of her to start a blog and how good he is in motivating people. Back then I was arrogant, and used to think too high of myself. On reading this, the first thing I did was to go his page and see about him and read a few posts of his. I did all this to back my intuition that this guy can't be that good as the it was mentioned. As a matter of fact I didn't really like his writings at all in the first place. However there was something in the way he wrote that I went back to his blog and read a couple of posts. As time passed by, I started to develop a liking for the way he wrote and expressed himself. It so happened that I dug deep into his timeline and finished reading all his 50 odd posts written back then. His blogs were the constant source of expansion for my knowledge exponentially. It was for the first time that I really understood that one could even review a trailer so interestingly. It was only then I heard of James Cameron. He has been the reason for my sudden surge of interest in English Cinema and the great minds of it. His detailed analysis on the games of Federer and Nadal made me realize that you don't have to be a great player to read the game so well, You just have to be smart. He can write about anything and everything under the sky so interestingly without making his reader lose interest on it, if he chose to. His constant ramblings and rants always offer a food for thought and make us question ourselves and our thinking. I have surely learnt to look at things differently and reading him have always quenched my constant thirst of some intense and intelligent conversations. He has been half a reason for me to start a blog. To be able to write as well as him but then he always say
Never try to imitate others. If you do so of what use is it that you are putout on this earth. Just try and be better you.
So here I'm trying to better myself and raise the bar for myself to better it next time. Thanks for the source of inspiration you have always induced upon me. Do keep writing dude. It makes the lives of many lesser mortals like me better.Everytime you write you do make the day of most of the people who read it. Its just because of you that I had a better understanding of many things in life and have acquainted myself with so many things which otherwise I wouldn't have known. To all those intelligent people out there. To Trivikram, To Sirivennela Seetaramasastry, To Vishwanathan Anand, To Aditya Sirish. PS: I had two things in my mind when I started this blog. To receive an appreciation and critical review from two people. One being the blogger I mentioned about while the other being the girl I love most. Both are yet to happen. I'm back and trying.
and my first post of the year comes out as we are half way through 2012 ;)

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  1. Well done ..
    As I have always said u, U inspire me.
    But my lethargy always stands to conspire against it.Eventually and inevitably it wins.
    Its too strong to lose...I hope,wish and pray it dies soon..
    I cant ....I am too lazy even for that...

    1. thanks mate..but all it takes it pulling urself together to write one post, the moment you start enjoying what you write, you cannot really let it go just like that. Try out!!

  2. Your constant strive towards achieving a better you, makes you inspirational in ways you haven't given yourself the credit for. Kudos!!!! Pls write more thought provoking post and occasional reviews. your readers would love that :)