Oh Priya! Priya!!

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Just on a day when I decided to chuck all the thoughts about falling in love,I happen to see those lil cute eyes with drowsiness all over them,Boy it all comes back. The memories of good old days,purposeful days ( well the whole purpose being talking hours n hours over phone with her :P.Never mind,now that I've started lets talk about IT.LOVE. The most mysterious and enigmatic thing/feeling that I ever came across and probably ever will. Its been close to two years since I blogged something like Is Love a Myth? .Alot has happened ever since then. Aah! Well I got older and stuff.I aint talking about that.I have had what can probably called a near love experience. Don't get confused, technically speaking I haven't ever been into relation which is based on Love,nothing but just that. Feelings can never be described.They are supposed to be felt. So this whole thing might just be futile and sound stupid. Nevertheless I'm gonna have go at it.

" I love you,not for what you are but for what I'm,when I'm with you "
This is very to close to what I think of Love!! Of course one does Love ones parents,family,friends. The Love from the family and friends should never be confused with the love for the special one. The former can never be compared with the latter,it can only be complemented :)!! As far as I'm considered, attraction happens to be the first step towards Love.The attraction could just be the physical beauty or maybe those smile, those eyes, or maybe that friendliness,attitude it could be anything that can be physically seen or emotionally felt. It could be instantaneous or maybe something that translates from just a crush to the one you are attracted to;)! ( Given a chance, you try to get to know more about your crush dont you??!)Next step being, getting to know each other, maybe friends or good friends.And then there is this phase when you realise that you have the relationship has progressed towards something more than just friendshi You start considering the thoughts about rest of your life with that person, the reason being, you feel so special when the other person is around and you wanna be made special forever. Well that brings you into a relationship bonded by Love.

When someone you Love so deeply accepts your proposal, one would consider it to be the most happiest moment of his life. Its like nothing can go wrong from then on. .One spends time in creating those beautiful moments with partner and trying to live life to the fullest in each of those moments. More often than not everything else in the world seems to be of lesser importance and perhaps at times it even ceases to exist. No wonder, thats the spell Love casts on anyone. Smallest of things, such as remembering the first day you met him/her,the day you proposed, your first date,those anniversaries tops the chart. Those numerous hours spent on phone calls and texting each other, those sweet nothings late in the night, cute surprises, small gifts and stuff like Love You's and Miss You's become part of every conversation one has. All these mean so much probably as much the whole world put together.Everything appears perfect, just like in those bed time stories and fairy tales, one tend to assume life happily ever after.Unfortunately NO.

Life isn't all rosy. There comes a moment when you are shaken out of your dreams and forced to see reality. As time passes by the spell wears off and the world around comes alive with all its ruthlessness.Career, family, friends everything come in to picture. It demands too much out of us that it becomes hard to strike a balance making things worse.Thats the curtain raiser for the most toughest phase of the relation, sustaining it. It requires lot of understanding from both the ends. Slowly those long phone calls are cut down to bare minimum. You stop forwarding those cute messages filled with Love You's and Miss You's. It might even reach a stage where you dont get to talk to each other for days or probably maynot see each other for weeks(for whatsoever reasons). For me people who get out of the phase good and clean is what distinguishes the one truly in love to the one who THINK they are in LOVE. Because having spoken to a person for so long and having understood them one wouldn't need a constant assurance of being loved and proofs for it to be shown.A look in to your partners eyes and you would know what they feel for you.A true lover never makes fuss over it. Love isn't about the quantity of time you spend with each other. Its about the quality times you have together. Its about how much you care for them. Its about being there when you need them the most. You maynot have to constantly show it. Love is all about hope. Love is all about giving it and expecting nothing. Its not just about living together for life long. Love doesn't seek sex, but for many its sacred way of showing your Love for others,the urge to fill your soul with the other, but not necessarily have to end in that way.

Love isn't about acceptance either. For me its a compliment, epitome for beauty, kindness or for that matter any quality that is regarded. Not everyone is lucky to spend their time with the one they Love. But that doesn't mean you have lost something. Love in its true spirit is unconditional and doing something to see your loved one happy. If giving them their space is what they want, even if that means to walk out of their life,doing it,hoping that they are happy that way. One would always want to be the reason behind someone's smile, especially when it comes to someone you love. It might hurt to know that you are not the reason, but nevertheless if they are happy thats reason enough to be happy :).

I would just conclude by saying Love defies logical. It defies any reason. Its all beautiful, magical and only to be experienced feeling. Needless to say its mysterious and painful when it doesn't go right!!

PS:Just like in the last, the title of the post has stemmed out the lyrics from a track in Maniratnams romantic classic Geetanjali"Oh Priya! Priya!! If possible do listen it.Veturi has laced up the song with lot of meaning :)

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  2. Thank you for making me smile....Sometimes in life we fail to remember the importance of those extraordinary moments that passed away. You have visibly explained how blessed one is to be in love. Love is so hard to define.
    If I were to define it to someone I would think of no better way than what you have blogged here. I loved your take on both blissful and sad aspects of love. Many of us tend to believe love exists only through words. But you have beautifully enlightened how love is an emotion which needs no words.
    Truly marvellous writing….. Please do continue your writing. The passion of writing and the flow of your words are truly incredible.

  3. niceee... but i hav to say i felt better when i saw d word 'conclude', may b bcoz 'love' had never been my interest & i felt it too long... ;-) haha... well written though

  4. "Love isn't about acceptance either. For me its a compliment, epitome for beauty, kindness or for that matter any quality that is regarded. Not everyone is lucky to spend their time with the one they Love. But that doesn't mean you have lost something. Love in its true spirit is unconditional and doing something to see your loved one happy."
    Lines so truly spelt out, they moved me!.nice write up!:)