Dusting cobwebs

12:49 PM

It has been quite a few years since I have written anything remotely concerning the happenings in my life. A quick glance tells it was three years ago. Surely a distant past.  So it might be a while before I am able to collect my thoughts and present it better for you. My penmanship seems to have taken quite beating and words don't flow as easily as they once used to. However, there was some growing uneasiness over the last few weeks that has crept into me, compelling me to write and it  waged a fierce battle over my inherent laziness. It was fiercely fought out battle and believe me, for a large part,my laziness seemed to be in complete control of the things, until that one moment where it tried to celebrate the victory prematurely(pretty much like the Bangladesh cricketers did in the recently held WT20) and alas! the uneasiness turned the tables around in a matter of minutes.The fact that this post is seeing the day of light and contributing to ever growing data on the internet and leaving a digital trace should make it easy for you to guess the end result.

Well, for three years, I have successfully managed to keep my urge of filling up the blog with incessant rants at bay. I seem to have come a long way from that fresh out of college guy frustrated with the pace of things in life. I am a lot different to what I was back then, yet the core of me seems to be the pretty much the same. Back then,my life was filled with uncertainties, I was unsure about the direction I was heading in. It is not like things are any different  now and I have concrete plans laid out for the next 5-10 years.  Honestly, it is not so  much because of lack of effort but mostly due to the fact that I tried and I failed miserably at predicting the shocks life throws at you. But I am glad I tried. I  believe, one regrets most about the things that he wish he did rather than the things he had done. What winners learn, I am unsure but from my experiences of trying and failing so far, each try has made me discover a part of me that I never knew existed. Of course, it also taught me how not do things. I seem to have grown wiser with each try. You might ask me if I have learned enough to avoid committing mistakes anymore. I cannot tell you that, but I certainly acquired enough wisdom not  to repeat my mistakes.

I understood the hard way that life doesn't give you breathing space after an exhausting journey , you just have to pick up the pieces together and head on to the next road and keep moving. The world doesn't end after a failure nor it stops to applaud your success. It moves on. So should you. 

Sigh!this is turning out to be darker than a super-hero movie. Let's break for now. I wish to take up blogging from now on and write more often. One of the most interesting things happening is I have taken my baby steps into the Data Science field. It is intriguing, challenging and fascinating. Probably it is just the kind of stuff I have been looking for all along. Would like to walk you through my journey with numbers and my new found love for trying to find an order to the inherent chaos in the universe.Very soon I promise.

PS : The term 'writing' meant ranting my brains out. It should not be confused with a piece of art it  usually refers to.

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