Is love a Myth?!

11:22 PM

I know,I know;)!!. I didn't really live up to the expectations I've set for myself in blogging. No wonder you might be wondering what happened to my posts.Its been over a fortnight that I blogged last.Its quite obvious that my laziness kept me away from it.If its just that I don't think I would even mention it,but there are quite a few reasons.One amongst those was the results of my previous semester. It used to work in back of my mind almost all the time, keeping very nervous and finally they were out and thank God ! I expected something much worse.Looks like I did get out with something called not-so-bad-chalega-type marks.I don't say I'm pleased but atleast I'm not disappointed this time.

Not just that, off late I've been involved in more than a few things to keep myself completely occupied.I don't want to reveal them at the moment. I just wanna be sure to I failed miserably in all them or at least trying my best to cope up.So for the time-being lets drop what am engrossed so deeply with.Anyways coming back to the point, I have been having this itchy feeling deep down but took a more than a while for my laziness to give in before I could blog .

I had enough pleasure and you had enough pain(at least few of you did ) to read all my posts that concerned nothing but me. So I thought lemme give you a break,before theres any outbreak from you people warning me to go and get a life. I felt its good to put the self-conceited idiot out of me and write something thats everyone is connected with.Well of course,no prizes for guessing. With the Valentine's Day round the corner I thought this could be the best one. At this point of time I would like to remind you all that its just going to be just my perception.

LOVE.A very common word these days which is even more often mistaken for infatuation.Well to begin with, its no wonder that everyone into their preteens have known about it(call it the influence of cinema or media whatever) and I'm much more sure that every guy and gal have dreamt about loving and being loved atleast once before they are out of their teenage ;):).Love is the most sought after concept on the celluloid. Be it the stories of Romeo-Juliet to Laila-Majnu.Or Salim-Anarkali to Devadas-Paru.Every tried to explore it in every possible way but still everyone feels like theres still something untold about.It remains so very untouched,still rendering its fragrance.

Moving on from reel world to real world, people in love say its amazing feeling to be in, nothing ever beats it. The losers (no offence intended) who failed in love say its all just a trap, a moor,which once you get into theres no way coming out of it without broken heart.Not to forget the Parents.They dread it the most, their children falling in love.I fall in to neither of the category.I've never had a broken heart, at the first place I've never fallen in love.Or I maybe I'm in love and still don't know it yet, because I don't know what it means by the word love in the real sense!!

Confused?!Are you? If yes, I'm sure your on the right track and getting close to what I feel :D.I've got a few questions about Love.Maybe more than a few questions.What is love. I know its not some physics or chemistry to just give it a definition.So lemme not get to it. Is love all about caring for other person? Then even friendship does the same!! Is there anything like love at first sight? If yes isn't it all about physical attraction?Because I'm sure not even the best mind reader in the world can tell what are you up to just by a single gaze it you.!! Oh maybe its not something to read your mind but your mind?heart( mean to say manasu,couldnt find a better word)Come over it. Is love selfish? I mean is it love to expect someone you love to love you too even if they dont really? If not then whats the point of loving just for the heck of it even if the other person don't understand you?!!

Is love all about attraction? admiration? or attention?Can I ever answer these questions? I don't know?! Maybe I'll never know. Not unless I experience it on my own(if ever there exists something called true love)

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers out there well in advance !!

PS:I love you all

( whatever it is to mean truly and honestly for reading this post :) )

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  1. nice post ra..really i liked da picture !!

    Happy Valentines Day ..

  2. heyy..gud one bro:)

    Happy valentines day..!!

  3. @navya did u comment bcz.i pestered u ??r was it becz u reali likd it ah??

  4. heheh..not exactly...:P
    its realli gud vasi.

  5. Hey man.....sorry for being so late. but lemme tell u one thing. from now on i dont want to waste the time putting up all possible approbation over ur blogging, since i have been saying "u rock".
    lemme advice u.' listen to elders'.
    true love should exist. otherwise the world wouldnt be intact considering how selfish a man is.
    yeah, love is 99% selfish,as much my understanding says of what i have seen.
    sometimes being selfish helps others i.e when ur good lies in others good all this is my perspective. i may be right to a degree of +/- 90% since i havent been in love either.
    one quote from my former lecturer "why do people always fall in love?why dont they rise in love?"

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  7. gud work!!!
    Love at first sight does exist man!!!But one cannot figure out whether its love or not...ok, things can be more complex while discussing this one!
    Love changes 4m person to person...i mean not only by the magnitude but the entire meaning itself which u've already posted...
    winners continue to love the ppl they are in love with..nd losers love to hate and forget people wid whom they've been in love with ...trying to fall in love again!!!...
    either ways the feeling of love exists..but very diverse in nature...but very relevant to what is the topic(Love)....
    hehehe :P
    Keep posting bro....
    damn good topics!!!