glimpses of vizag-1

12:16 AM

"Arre Ooo" rohit yelled at me. It was his third attempt to wake me up. I lay there still unmoved closing my eyes enjoying one of my best dreams I ever had.It was one of those in which I kinda proposing to my dream girl.I din really want to miss that .So I was trying hard to concentrate on it. This time he shook me up so hard , that I was left with no choice but wake up.It took me a few seconds before which I stopped cursing my friend for spoiling one of my beautiful early morning dreams.Once i got my senses back i realized i was still on my berth. "We are about to reach vizag in another 15 minutes he told." We are on an industrial tour to vizag along with few other classmates accompanied by two lecturers of our department. He asked to get up and get things going to which I obliged.It was because his persistent asking me up that made me reluctantly agree to be a part of the tour.But i now would've regretted my decision had I not been part of it as it left me out with some wonderful memories which i realized immediately after the tour.It wasn't one of my first visits to the city. I had been there quite a few times before as my uncle used to stay there.Of course it was only in 2004 that I had been there last time and been over 5 years.

It was an early monsoon morning of June where one can expect rain at any moment even with the sky so clear from clouds. But then because of this globalization impact it looked much better to look for rains in summer or winter than rather look for one in a rainy season :P. Moreover they are never being punctual according to the forecasts as I'm nevva to my class!. By the time we got down the sun hasn't shown up yet. I felt it could be just his laziness as I found the sky free any sort of clouds. We were asked to get into a bus which was supposed to take us all to the place of our stay for over the next few days. I dint really bother to give a look at the landscape and the first thing I did as soon as I got into the bus was to catch some sleep hoping that I can resume my dream of my dream girl. I didn't really succeed in it but managed some short nap.Probably it was around some 10 minutes before we reached the hotel and my doze ended. We were allotted rooms and asked to decide who all are going to stay in which room. It took few minutes of discussion to get to some conclusion on who-where to stay. Six were asked to stay in each room. When we were about to check in to our rooms one of the faculty members asked us to wait as he delivered a couple of instructions of "Do's and Don'ts" while we are in the city in his typical IS THE style(I'm sure my classmates for sure gonna pick up what I intended to say here :D) of which the do's turned out to be don't and don'ts to be do's 4 us if anyone expected to have some fun.

It was around 8 before we gathered back down at the reception.We were taken to some restaurant nearyby to have our breakfast. After the real part of our tour started.We were to go to HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.) The main building was completely fitted with centralized ac.We were served few snacks and refreshments before we were addressed by some officials and were given the details of the behind the setup and background and several statics about the production levels and so on. I did spot few of my classmates who were geeks went on scribbling down something through out that session. I wondered what was worth taking down in history of an organization. Later on we were assisted by one of the Production Engineer who took us throughout the plant for a tour and showed us some specimens produced by them and explained various processes to be carried out I was only fascinated by the complex fabrication of the pipes that are used to produce the oil. It had just been just less than 6 hours that we were in to vizag,and by the time we reached back at the main building almost all the guys were wet with sweat and my position was much worse. Sweat was dripping all over my face. Thanks to my friend rohit and the paper tissues he carried.Had it not been for them I find it hard to imagine my plight.All the way back to hotel I was thinking of hardships of the people of vizag in summer and their ability to survive even under such horrible conditions day in and day out.

In the afternoon we have been to the port. It smelt fish a lot. I mean to say it was filled with all kind of dried sea food. Hence the aroma or the odor dono which is a better word to describe it, I being veggie leave it to choice of you people to decide.Then we all set to go on boat on to the bay of bengal. The ride lasted for about some 30 minutes. This I tell you was the best 30 minutes of my entire tour. The very thought that I was in the middle of The Bay of Bengal gave me goosebumps.I was happy like hell.I could stop sharing it with my friends and I remember sending messages to all my buddies who missed it and was really proud that vodafone had signals there too ;)!!

I've spent that night calling as many friends of mine as possible to describe my experiences of the boat ride. It ended quietly with me still struggling as I ended up in to sleep fighting hard not to sweat.Following morning the same routine followed and we were taken to Vizag Steel Plant.I dont remember anything much to say about it except that it was very huge and it took lotta time than expected just to have a glance around the whole plant and it machinery, we were given brief description now and then.Later on in the day we've been to Hindustan Ship yard and were shown the dock where ships are supposed to get their errors fixed or to be more mechanical get their repairs done. It was because of the special permission granted by one of my friends uncle we were allowed to get into one of the ships that was anchored there to get it final touch ups before leaving for sail to Portugal in about a week. I would like to thank him for that, because I never ever thought I would ever get a chance to get on a ship aboard.

Me and rohit thought it could be possibly the ship used in the movie Oye and after giving it a thought we concluded this is it without bothering much.After all its India and everyone is free have their own opinions. Isn't?!

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