Glimpses of vizag-2

9:19 PM

Well blame me for my haphazard and disorganised way of narrating my experiences, I don't mind but I really forgot few events that took place on day one of our tour. Right after being to port and before I did my phone calls we have been to R.K.beach.We just had a walk along its coast for a while though.Later on we moved to Rishikonda beach. It took us an hour before we reached there.On the way to beach we found Gitam engineering college.Perhaps it was just a 10 minute walk from the college to the beach.As soon as we reached the beach everyone was so excited to have a feel of the water and take a dip in it. Atleast I felt that way.There weren't hardly anyone who knew swimming except for a few. So me n most of my friends were little hesitant and made sure we didnt really go deep into the sea.

I took certain tips from my friends who knew swimming and tried to implement them.No prizes for guessing.I failed miserably.I barely managed to swim more than a minute,as the waves were too strong for me to handle. To me swimming was nothing but moving your hands and legs before giving it a shot, but it wasn't really just that. Certain things cant be learned in a day.I practically understood swimming is one such that falls in that category.I later on came to know that there are few of my classmates who learnt swimming early in their childhood are hardly sure of their ability to swim :D.Well this way we went on for quite sometime. Had fun.Later on we all got spread out.

It was getting dark. I remained by the side of rohit.After hearing his name so many times all through the post you must have by now figured out that he was my one of my best buddies.We walked along the beach. I found lot of pleasure walking on wet soft sand.We watched few couples walking around there.After a few minutes of observation we thought what a life this people of Gitam are having. Walking alone is so giving me so much of fun.I wondered how it would be like walk there as a couple holding the hands of my one :). We both regretted that we weren't a part of vizag but then immediately dropped the thought when we realised we would have to bear with the sweating all through the day.!! Even hyderabad is a fine place we said to each other trying not to let ourselves down.

We heard the noises made by the waves hitting the rocks over there. We then climbed on to the rocks only to find ourselves among a group of crabs and lobsters. For fear of getting bitten by them we got off it immediately though we had a great view ahead of us. We witnessed few of the fisherman having a try with their last catch. Few people rushed to buy them as soon as they were done with it hoping that they would get fresh fish for sale!!By this time it was completely dark.We all got into bus with a piece of corn in my hand which one of my friends gave me.I laid back into my seat. Though i failed miserably in succeeding to swim it took the whole out of me and i was completely tired and reclined back thinking of the song "Ee rojaite chusano ninnu" from gulabi directed by favorite krishnavamsi and then got lost in to sleep!!

Lemme cut the scene there and come back to the evening of the day two. With just one day stay it reminded me my days in hostel. Except that we didn really have any kind of restrictions.After we all had our dinner me, rohit, vinay and harish we all set out on kinda expedition, I call it expedition because none of us hardly knew the place and we were just wandering on the roads. Perhaps nomads would have had a perfect sense for there wandering, we hardly had any;). On the way we came across a shop.It was completely crowded and people were rushing to get something.Rohit bet that it was a wine shop, I definitely had a different opinion though. We walked to it and to our sheer surprise we found it out to be a Juice centre.I never thought people of vizag are so crazy to rush to have a juice around 11.30 of a cold night. We thought it should something worthy and ventured to taste it.And trust me it was real good. I bet you could never get such a juice which was just half as tasty as it even at double the price anywhere in hyd. We started with one glass each and probably by the time we left the shop we tasted more than half the juices available there sparing the rest for our next day of our visit ;).

By now you might be wondering do I come from a boys college or was this tour exclusive trip for boys, as I hardly spoke about my class girls all through my two posts. But thats how it is. In our class boy and girls share bare minimal interaction which is limited to borrow records and assignments to copy. Ofcourse there are few exceptions who are quite good friends.:)!!But then the next post is more or less about them. Now its "Enter the Araku "

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  1. its a very impressive narration.i am very inspired and envious.........