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Its has become quite common for me,with my friend Rohit around, to watch the movie on the very first day morning show.Despite the fact the I fell way short of my minimun attendance, I couldn't help myself but get dragged to the movie.

Even the fact that,its a movie being directed by Shekar Kammula and its the most hyped debut of RaNa, didn really arouse any special interest in me,which is usually the case with crazy combinations. I was in to the theater with hardly any kind of expectations,and hoped to have some good time,nothing and literally nothing more than that.Once the movie got started, it took me a couple of mins to sink in to it.The start was quite unlike any other Shekar's movies,it was a little too quick and rapid change of scenes.I felt so restless until the start of the first song.I was taken in to the movie right then and there, there was something touchy about the song which I find inexpressible in words.

Coming to the story line its very plain and single pointed "Avineeti Nirmulana".Anyway I'm not going to talk much about that. Even for a debutant RaNa did an amazing job.He was fabulous right through the film.He has got everything for the making of leader of telugu film industry in days to come.Got good diction,authoritative voice,and more importantly highly good looking.Kota Srinivas Rao just sent out a message with it another mind-blowing performance,why he still the best in the league.Every other artist chipped in with good show and did justice to the roles.

Photography was just right for the mood in most of the scenes.Mickey's music is another asset to the film.I guess I'm done with the pros of the movie.But there is something I was highly disappointed about.The climax.All in all the movie throws light on almost all the contemporary issues and problems in politics,but fails to offer a proper solution to them.I was completely let down to realise that even Shekar Kammula,whos known for his off beat movies be and unconventional direction,succumbed to pressure and left the problem just where it started!!

Final wording on the movie,go watch it.Its definitely worth your money and time.

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  1. interesting. i have a little different views on the subject but yea, mickey meyer did a realy good job and kammula's dialogue were brilliant.

  2. i loved the movie too.. yea even i've got different views.. but a gud review..:)

  3. same here.........i too have different feelings.....i really liked the movie....

  4. 2nd half should have been much better

  5. oh now a film critic.
    man,u r a critic of everything.
    i appreciate it.
    since u know i like advising people. i cant resist it now, as always.
    "being a critic is good.it teaches u most of the things.
    but not all the things.
    it sometimes makes u unavailable for changing ur stance.u may start feeling like an expert even when u r not."
    i dont think i really meant that.
    atleast not in ur case.i feel i some times get carried away being a critic like how i have now.being a critic on 'being a critic'
    thanks for u patience and advance thanks to all those who read this and are not going allout to hit me for doing such a thing to u.