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Honestly trust me ..I've edited this first line roughly about some 10 times and I hope at least this time I'll be able to get out what I really want to.I dropped my brother at his EAMCET centre on the way back home I was thinking of few things.I'm here making a vague attempt to give some form to my thoughts.

Why is life so cruel??Or at least why do I feel so?? When I'm left with no option I wish I had another choice and when I've a lot to choose I feel so confused in choosing whats right,whats best.I seriously feel its hell lot problematic to have choices around you,because you never know where you are going to end up when you make up your mind about a particular thing and you never know what you are gaining with it or what you are losing with the other choices you've not opted for.Am I sounding crazy.

Lemme explain,after my EAMCET counselling I was so happy I got in mech at VNR VJIET, one of the finest engineering colleges of the state.But little did I know about what I'm about to be in the years to come.I've no clue about whats to happen.I may have had a better life had I been elsewhere.Or maybe not.This is the best that could happen to me.The reason why I'm so specific about it is, we weren't old enough to decide things early on.We had our parents looking after everything for us right from the clothes we wear to, school we attend and there are parents who were cautious about the friends their children make.We are either happy about the things or could simply vent our frustration by blaming someone else for our fate.

However it doesn't remain the same all the way. Once we are into our mid teens our attitude start changing.We yearn for freedom.We demand some space.Its around this point of time that you stop listening to everyone around and make up your mind about the certain things and stick to them foolishly despite the fact that you are not sure if you are really right.Its like we are least bothered to give it a thought even.You no longer think of whats good or bad.And start just justifying every act of yours by all means.Possibly you may even look for some few live examples to support yourselves and your acts.

Then someday, definitely mate, I tell you,when things dont work any longer for you, and when nothing goes your way, when you can't just while your time, as past deeds of yours start haunting you and start pricking you conscience saying you should have studied better, or maybe you shouldn't have fallen into love with that girl,or maybe you shouldn't have gotten into that thing or involved with shit like that. Well wake up before its too late.Introspect yourself.No use regretting once everything is over.Because life doesn't give you too many chances.

Huh,atlast I found a way to get that crap out my brain.Can't help it if u took any of it seriously.But yah think of it,life doesn't give you too many chances :D

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  1. one of ur bestest posts! and yeah,this time it is pretty serious! and here i am,to tell u one thing,my perspective after all,Life's is only one chance to live and live it the way it comes to u! u try to take control over things and the whole thing turns real messy! this doesnt mean that stop giving ur efforts! after all,thats all in your hands right eh?
    once u start regretting bout something happened in the past,u 'll obviously end up losing the chance of seeing the life through the right window!

  2. I gess our views on this aren't mch different..u mean to say der is no point in regretting and of course even I say so.At this point I jus wanna add that there are few mistakes we keep making over and over it would be better if v c to it dat it doesn hppn dat way!!

  3. yaaa bagundi ra
    .. nijaga koni peda valu chepte sodi anukuntam kani
    nuv describe chesina way was gud nd i think der was no point dat i can argue wid u .. but realy g8 ra .. its nt an easy thing 2 put such feeligs on paper..

    then y did u write dis post!!
    srry dude!!

  5. @ rohit: just because everything is not over yet 4 me..n I never told I wrote because I'm regretting dude!!

  6. i like what you're saying but i don't really agree with you. like eminem said, "every moment is another shot." i believe there's always a way to do whatever you wanted to do with life, anytime. and as long as you're alive, that means you still have a chance.

  7. @aditya: like but dnt agree..dats interesting.n ur pretty much right in stating that we can do whatever we want to with life,but still there are times when ur past influences your present..that may hold you back..for example say a quarrel with your may patch up but the fact that u quarrelled cant b changed and da terms u carry forward can never b da sme again!!

  8. wow vasishta......ure patiently answering ur fan mail :p ( imean comments given by us)......well frankly speaking....u sounded a jerk in the first 2 paragraphs anything wrong???...:p........i mean like....u're in a wonderful college, wonderful frens, ur cat coaching is going on fine....and also...u have taken up a kewl project........

  9. in to a good coll.agreed to that point..but is dat all.i dont think..der r so many thngs to thnk academics..n nt to forget love life ;) everythng i did comprmise..or atlest once i felt i made a wrng move in choosing it..n so here u find me writing abt it!!

  10. its cent percnt truuu.... d way u describd ws so inspiring, relly makin me 2 b out of such things sooner,hop so!! grttt possttt vasi..keepon goin

  11. ITs always a tough job to put such REAL thoughts into me i have about 19 unfinished posts about things which play around in my mind constantly...So,i dont think words suffice the amount of appreciation i have for you right now...cheers...

  12. @ysk: thnx man..compliment 4m u does mean a lot to me.!! thnx alot!!