401,Saraswathi Nilayam

8:28 AM

I was waiting for about 15 odd minutes under the shade of a tree near BigBazar,Ameerpet on a excruciatingly hot day of mid summer.My friend Rohit and Pranav are supposed to pick me up.It took them a little longer than I expected to come there.Ohh yah ,the thing is Rohit,Rishi and I planned to have combined studies at Pranav's place.What I expected a two day stay turned out much longer than I thought and lasted for two weeks of fun, masti,entertainment and ofcourse a bit of study too :P.

It was my first visit to Pranav's place, and I've no idea whatsoever how his house is like.My friends decided to play a prank on me, by dropping me at one of my classmates house and then make up some excuse to lemme go first,have me knock the door and watch the expression of "shock" when someone unexpected opens the door.Lucky for me, that the idea just remained an idea and I was taken straight away to 401,Saraswathi Nilayam

I didn't know then that it was just a beginning and they've many more pranks in store to be played on me.We were all set to and very much determined to have something called reasonably good in our memos. And for the to happen we had to where to start from.Most our first two days of passed away just like that as we were deeply involved in figuring out what to study and what not.I tell you it wasn't an easy task.It was just during the same course of time that Rishi made up his mind on life changing decisions like no TV, no Facebook and no afternoon naps..And, no I'm not going to talk about how long was he able to stick to that ;).

It was so much fun to be with everyone of them. Rohit took up many extra classes for us in RAC.He was in great demand then that he explained the first two units to more than ten people on more than 5 different occassions.Believe me he was too good at that.It was during these days that Rohit was able to fulfill most of his to do things before his final year of engineering.I'm happy for you man :).

We did spend the first day afternoon playing carroms. People got shocked to see me play.There were more than few incidents when my friends had an expression of shock,surprise,because I played almost impossible and most improbable shots.They concluded I'm very much a team player ofcourse to the opponent team :P :D.

On one of the nights, I experienced tickle torture.I can't resist ticlking and Phani,Rishi,Rohit tried to test me on that. Pranav remained as the silent spectator,getting amused with the show!! It was around 1'O clock in the night that it all happened.Here I'm posting you a video of it. Its gonna speak more than I can describe.


We have been out at on one of the nights to have dosas and another night to have ice creams(Night in the sense all the time its over 11.30 :P). One of the nights we were set for a ride out in the city,roamed around tank bund,then been to a cafe at Mehdipatnam to have tea at 12 in the night.After that we have been on to the newly constructed fly over.A 11.2 km ride.Wow man, that ride remains to be special in my life ever!!

Nights when we talked all through, early morning sleeps, leg pullings, walk on the terraces,the lunches we had together, the moments we tried to click pictures,pranks we played on one another,the countless mangoes we had,the discussions we had over the tables,evening walks on the terrace,the hours spent on fone,the time we spent with Madhav..What not everybit of my stay at Pranav's place was memorable.

Thank you for making it all possible.He is the best host I've ever known.I'm sure he had some good time too,though we tried to irritate him with our silly talks,never lost his cool.Not to forget their cook.She cooked us some delicious and yummy food.Its no wonder my cousins asked me that I become a shade fairer and put on few kilos in just two weeks ;).The last day was far more memorable, a trip to Runway9, pool games, and then having pizzas in the evening, dinner at Chutneys....finally an hour of chitchatting near the KBR park,that prety much sums it all, our stay at 401,Saraswathi Nilayam.

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  1. hmmmmm that tickle task was a bit shocking re...and u told u went to ur frd's house to study..but u played carroms...roamed here and there.... (this is called cheating :P)

  2. hehe...ya but v did study nw n den re :P!!

  3. "tickle torture"! loadsa fun and all..great.

  4. the tickle torture was very funny lol...im a lot more jealous after reading this post:P

  5. thnk u thnk u :)..if u r feeling jealous..i think i did fair job in putting my experiences in words ;) :P!!

  6. man.... i relished this thing so much so that i envy u and to add, ur blogs r becoming sweeter by the day....

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  8. ahhh!! dat idea of "tickle torture" was d best entertaing part of dis episode......n all i cn say s dat u had really an "AWESME" time der............