Setting limits

1:01 AM

Its 1'O clock in the midnight and I just had a heated argument with my friends.It started at something silly and ended up in silence,what could possibly called a worst way to end a discussion.The whole point of discussion boils down to one simple thing what is right way of dealing with people.

I was told that I'm very serious and I don't value others opinion and I keep saying its MY LIFE MY WAY.Ofcourse I agree they got me damn right.But its just that they overlooked something more important.I don't value opinions of other people whom I don't care about. I don't see a point in doing that.Its like this,every person has his own perspective of life and his own approach towards things. I can't expect someone else to react to a situation just the way I did nor I can call mine as best way to handle something just because it worked for me.One shouldn't forget one has so many people around you that once you start valuing someone else opinion for the namesake not to hurt them, you'll start losing point of leading your own life. At some stage in life, if you look back and see you can't find yourself not even a sliver of your image it.Because all the while you were living your life by someone else's terms!!!

People may call me a self-conceited and selfish and egoistic person.Then be it. It doesn't matter.I can't be the same with everyone around me.I maybe very soft with someone and doesn't show any anger towards someone,whom I like no matter what they do to me.I may get easily annoyed with someone because they don't mean anything to me.
I hope I'm not confusing.To put it in simple words I am one person with several different facets, who reacts in different fashions with different people.Mind you, all the while its just the same 'me' who is doing all these.So just because I'm harsh with someone,doesn't imply that I'm rude to everyone around me.

I do listen to people who advice me.I can understand that people advice because they care for me.But it can't be like I can go on following everyone's advice at once for the same thing by being myself.So no matter what my friends says or people who call my friends, no disrespect intended, I do like them what they are,but can't let myself lead a life the way they want me to.If I ever feel they are right I see no point in agreeing with them.But as long as I don't feel so I cant help it.

After all its My life and I lead it MY WAY!!!

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  1. no comments!!
    i think dat line says it all!!

  2. interesting..i really like pieces which are triggered by anger..they have a unique honesty to em..

  3. nice one..lyke aditya said,lots of honesty in da writing..i relly lyke wat u've written in da third para..good work!:)

  4. @aditya:thnx mate..jus as u said me at da start f my blog make sure ur posts r reflections f ur mind.i jus did dat n im happy dat it workd 4 me to get bak my composure!!

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  6. I smell a Howard Roark in here!:P
    Yeah!It sometimes becomes claustrophobic with everyone's opinion floating around.