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Before I proceed any further,hats off to Krish.He did a stupendous job.He choose what he is best at.Vedam is a tale of few people and how there lives are interwoven.Its filmed with some interesting narration.This genre isn't a new one."Om shanti" a film released few months back is on similar lines but its the casting and the narration style is where Krish scored over it.To put it in short,its artfully crafted movie with commercial backdrop.

Vedam is not one of those feel good movies,where all ends well and you come out of the theatre feeling happy.Its one of those very few movies that makes you think even after you come out of it.It disturbs you and doesn't allow you to settle.Probably this is why people may not like it.Vedam is brutally honest and earnest in its attempt.It presents you the reality, which you knew all along but you never wanted to acknowledge.It portrays the different perspectives of people about one big thing "MONEY".

Speaking about the cast, as already said,Krish made sure, he got the casting damn right.Allu Arjun as Cable Raju did a fabulous job,its his best performance to date.Manoj looked convincing as a rock star.He didn't have much to play.Manoj Bajpaye was wasted.Anushka was sensual and hot at the same time,a hard balance to strike but she did it with ease.I thought music by Keeravani could've been better,of course its still good.Editing is crisp.Screenplay plays the keyrole in these kind of films, and Krish got it right.No matter how many people we talk about.Ultimately its Krish's film,its got his soul and signature all through out.

Irony of life:Though Krish made a film like this,I don't think he can justify it with his actions.He is spending thousands of rupees on the success parties of the film.According to him,its the same money thats gonna make bread and butter for many people.Its the same money that can make a difference of life and death for many people.And no matter how much we say,its a good movie,just a week after we forget all about the reality crap, and get on with our lives,forgetting everything around us.We are always like that aren't we??!!

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  1. yah exactly vasishta......i agree with u.....i cudnt digest the tragic ending of the film........

  2. you're improving drastically. i was thinking along the same lines. probably will give a new direction to the telugu industry.

  3. @pradeep:dis doesn happn quite often..dat u agreeing wid me abt a film.:D
    @adi..thnk u..thnx 4 da cmpliment:)

  4. "Manushulu nakili notlani tayaaru cheste, notlu nakili manushulni tayaaru chestai" People make fake currency and currency makes fake people. Very true. Economic disparities are the most biggest hindrances. Everyone knows that politicians are corrupt yet none is interested to change it. I guess money is the dividing line between two kinds of people ... one corrupt and the other is less corrupt ... we can find pure people in utopia. We may not completely eradicate corruption but at least try to be less corrupt. peace

  5. I havent watched the movie yet and this is the first review i read abt the movie. Thought not to read any till i watch it.
    Since i didnt see the movie, i can agree upon Music. Its a disappointing music for Allu Arjun's movie except the track, Prapancham naventosthunte which seemed ok.
    I watched Gamyam, a very thought provoking movie. Expecting even more frm this movie.
    Will comment more after i watch it.

    Great going Vasi with ur blog.Want some humourous posts from u. :P

  6. @ karthik: wateva u told is completely true n i second dat!