zindagi na milegi dubaara

6:08 PM

Life is all about living 'that' very moment-Aditya Sirish.
It took the whole of this holidays to comprehend and understand what this quote really meant.All through the days when college runs I badly wait for holidays and once few days into holidays I even more badly want them to get over.I expected this holidays to be no different.Interestingly, they have been special to me in more than one way and I've every reason to feel that these holidays should never get over!!

I was surrounded with some kind of emptiness as I was wondering how to pass time in the next 40 days.Little did I know about the things in store for me.This holidays have seen my tv watching hrs strike all time low in the last ten years 12 years.There are so many firsts during these holidays.The number of hours I've spent at home during these holidays is close to the no of hits Tushar Kapoor got.I assume you know that there exists an actor by that name.Lol.

Dead lines the very word that scares hell out of everyone in the software and management sector employees.I have been hearing that word for a past coupla years.This very holidays seen me use them for my own cause.Take no guesses.Its pretty obvious.All owed to the mini-project I took up.What I thought was a kick start to my project,backfired and that made us hit the streets.All these just spiced up the boring life I've been having all along.

Can you believe that Rohit n me travelled some 40 odd kms from our industry in search of a person to assist us in our project,found his house,then learnt only to our horror that he couldn be of any help to us really and the whole thing ended up with me waiting for Rohit while he was on phone for about half an hour.

This holidays witnessed the innumerable hangouts I had with my friends, the countless distances I traveled on my bike with Rishi ;),my first best satisfactory performance in mock CAT,the endless chattings and leg pulling sessions I had with my friends,first football match I saw, first late night chats what not!! Of all the things that took place, one thing needs a special mention. The cricket match I,Rohit Pranav and Rishi played with some random people where I ended up getting contact with ball in not more than a few instances,but that was fun too. Probably its all having friends around to make the most of that very moment.Every moment I had was worth living it.

I'm in to my final year of grad,cant believe it really!! Thank you friends for being part of some gr8 memories.Thanx a ton.Btw feeling sorry for Fedex as he lost @Wimbeldon :( :(. Thats it for now folks,with dad yelling at me for getting late cnat think of anything right now.Off I go to station I hope I'l come back with something interesting for you to read :) ;)

Love you all

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  1. rofl! gyan an' all. sounds good.

  2. u know wat vasista bommakanti.. it's agn tym fr u to b bak here... cos i feel it's more of ur space kind of thing.. it's been long that u have wrote something n i hv read something intresting.. :)
    p.s: ur's sincere reader :P