Good bad and the worst

8:05 PM

How bad is too bad to be called bad?! Before you prepare yourself to answer this question,are you sure what bad is??If you try to be cheeky the answer would be very simple,whatever isn't good can be called bad.Is that really so? If that is so,life would've been far more simpler and there being just two set of people good and bad.But it never is and I don't think it'l ever be.

Give me a few moments,I'l try to drive you at my point.The first thing I would like to bring to your notice is,there aren't any absolutes.Every person has his own interpretation,justification and perspective.What appears right to me,may be wrong according to someone.I don't booze,fag or dope.Just because I don't do them do I've the right to call it wrong??!! I was told all through my childhood that they're all bad.With the whole world marching towards modernization,the set of rules we imposed on ourselves eased off and what is supposedly called bad a few decades back isnt bad anymore.

The irony is that, a few decades back, it was a cakewalk to differentiate between good and bad in movies at least.The lead role used to imbibe all the qualities that'l let you call good.The bad guy is the one who fags,boozes and is after girls all the way.But with changing times,everything changed.Its quite difficult to set apart who is hero and who is villian in present days movies,unless ofcourse if you are sure of whom to project as a hero.Its like aaj ki zaamane sab kuch chaalta hain,as long as your immediate neighbor is fine with it.

I kept asking this question many times before and I couldn't answer myself.So whose is bad now.I know its very difficult to be good.You need to endure lot of pain to be good.No matter how good you be just one wrong deed and you are gone,so does all the good you did.Being tagged as good is hard and to keep up with is the hardest of all.Whatever be the reason, I still can't digest the fact that there isn't a bad thing at all.There aren't a bad persons around!! Is something wrong with my thoughts??Am I the only one who thinks bad is still bad,no matter what part of the world it is and what time we are in??!!

PS: Dnt form a misconception that I treat fag,booze, dope as the only things to symbolize bad.Its just that these are the most common things that are being overlooked

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