All about relations

10:43 PM

Finally I'm set to blog something.I wish to get things out of my head and always blogging seem the ultimate choice.I tried to clear all the confusions I've been talking to myself but somehow just as ever I found no answers.

I've been having a pretty good time in the last one month or so.I've had some great moments,a lot of positive things happened around me but the saddest part is I haven't really lived those moments!! I'm disturbed by one thing and this time its about relations we have with people.

Sometimes in life you value someone so much that they almost become a priority to you.You do everything for them.You feel happy when they meet with success.You would be ready to lend a helping hand to help them when they are in trouble.You would be ready to anything and everything from them.All the while you have been doing this you expect nothing from.When you are into a relation expect nothing out of it,because the moment you expect something from someone else you are losing your freedom and bound .However when you give so much, all you would like to have is an acknowledgement from that person that there really exists a relation,nothing more and more importantly nothing less.

But then what if that person is totally ignorant of it.What if you mean nothing more than just another person on the road to someone who means almost everything to you.I believe any relationship be it friendship,love or marriage can survive,for that matter exist only when the feelings are mutual and reciprocated.When that doesn't happen you are bound to get shattered.Whats more disgusting is if you get to know that all the feelings shown by the other person were just faked up and they are completely plastic you are left enraged.But for the like of the person you feel so helpless and indignant remain frustrated with no way to vent your feelings.
All you can do it let them go and give time and space and allow them to introspect to know what you really mean to them.If they aren't hypocrites you would get your answer.

However folks just be careful about the people who fake and carry artificial smiles and do things just for the heck of being formal about carrying a relation.They are even more dangerous than your enemies and leave you wounded at the end.But no matter what,time is the anecdote for everything in life.It heals everything.Life goes on!!!

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  1. very nice post dude......
    i second third n fourth you....
    irritated by dis FORMAL relationships.....

  2. excellent article... and more over .. excellent piece of literature! i've had same kinda article... which was outbroken from my personal experience! guess.. tht's the reason..tht i got connected to ur's ! :)