The Illustrious North India tour

1:25 PM

Long journeys,check-ins,check-outs and a bit of sight seeing. That pretty much sums up the trip in one line. For more read ahead.

Expectations can sometimes prove to be spoilsport.Everyone was pretty much excited about the tour and expected a little too much after the amount of fun we had at Vizag. The tour didn't take off as well as expected.We were struck with first sign of disappointment when we all learned of our seating arrangement.Next thing to happen was the results got released.All thanks to Rishi, he informed us of almost everyones marks in the compartment.It shared a mixed response.Happiest of the lot was Rohit.Of course even I was happy only to a point n Rohit you know why :P.The evening passed off very quickly with everyone trying to take turns in pulling each others leg.

For the reasons I can't figure out what is a 24 hr travel appeared to me as a 30 hr journey.It wasn't before 6.30,the day morning that we got off the train at Agra.You are neva short of drama with we guys around. Just when all is set and we are about to start off to the hotel,we realized Baddy and Harish were missing. Rohit and Vineeth stayed back to get them to hotel while we all headed off to station.Later we were told that Baddy and Harish were having a small fight and during the course of which Harish lost his specs off the train.Anyway we were smart enough to makeup another story for our Sirs ;).

All through the tour whats more interesting was everyone took turns to be late.Taking cue from gals,boys did it other time,the game went so on and so forth.The first day we've been to Fathepur Sikri and Agra Fort.Tell you what they were just masterpieces. A entire day is not enough,you still feel you haven't admired some corner of a wall,some carving good enough.Its just red everywhere.Can't blame guys for trying to pose at every single corner of the forts and get a shot of themselves. With so many cameras around,everyone turned out to be photographer.After a while I was just tired and bored of posing and snapping the solo pics of people.Gals were a bit better,they at least tried to have the pics in groups.Something they could cherish for a long time.To my sheer disappointment,haven't found them as yet on fb or not sure if they stored the best ones for days to come!!And then to night we've been to a movie 25 of us in all together.I HATE LOVE STORIES.Wasn't a gr8 pic din like it much,but then ya I tried to keep myself entertained.

Here comes one of the BEST things in the world.TAJ MAHALWe hired a guide who provided enough fun with his eight angle (to be understood as Octagon) and beauty of simatri(symmetry is what it supposed to mean) kinda English.I just wished life has a background score.I can't tell you how much excited and happy I was to see the Taj Mahal.We finally managed to have the one and only photo with almost everyone it.This thing, is no mean feat going by our class standards.The visit to Taj Mahal is one of the most memorable things of the entire tour.Luck did favor us for once.We had a chance of seeing the Taj when it rains.The feel was just awesome.I just cant help it but express my helplessness in describing one of the beautiful monuments of the world and the only monument that symbolizes LOVE. All I can tell is go see it or els you are missing out on life!!

PS: I've few things to attend at the moment.So I sign off.But I tell you I'l keep editing this until I'm done with entire tour experiences.Jus watch out..more to come

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