I'm bak

7:43 PM

I know I've not posted anything in the last month or so. With over a few hundred fan mails and few tens of fone calls, people asking me why ain't I blogging, its really difficult to stay away from posting something more longer than this.(Am I overacting?!!).Anyways I'm bak but only that the most expected bang is missing.

I don't say I'm busy or something. I was pretty much jobless as usual with just one thought in my mind.No I don't think you got it right.Its not about my CAT exam and definitely not about placements either.I'm its not much difficult for you guess what it is ;).

There had been lot of buzz in the class about project and project leaders.Thank God finally I have a team now and I settled with Rajesh and Rakesh.Looking forward to do a project on CFD,the most sought after thing and supposed to be one of the most toughest projects as well.FEM and solar car tracking is on cards too.Its upto my team members to decide.

Internals in progress.I wished to do better than this but looks lik dat doesn't seem to happen(I tried my best not to post this line..but it was very instinctive.I just hope I get lucky enough to make it through these interns with some decent marks if not good :P.

And ya people I've booked my slot 4 CAT on Oct 31st.Its less than two months and its about time I make the gear shift and give it a tough fight,if all goes as I plan,who knows maybe I may even crack.Okay thats enough for now.

I promise I'l be back soon and definitely with another promisingly boring post.Till den hava gr8 time and wait more to get bored :D!!

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  1. vasista it's tym fr u to b bak here agn.. :) it's been very long since u wrote something and i hv read something intresting.. :D
    ur's sincre reader.. :P :) ;)