The so called "Happy Days"

11:23 PM

There was this buzz going on over the last few weeks in facebook,college coming to an end.Many started counting weeks and days ever since this semester started.It eventually did.We have been bid farewell by our juniors and officially we are done with the engineering life.All that awaits us is just a few more exams and viva! And that would be it.For many of us it would be end of the most memorable student life.On this night, I would like to use this to look back and see how much everything has changed over THE last four years of my life.

To put it in brief,it was four years of everything-ness for me.Name an emotion and I was bound to have experienced it one time or the other.I had periods of unimaginable calm punctuated periodically by amazing fun and masti.I never foresaw whats in store for me.

I've had been through lot of tough times.Have seen lots of ups and many more downs. At this point all I understand is nothing stays by. I've grown up quite a lot as a person.I've learnt to let go, give up and giving up at times does not exactly mean you've lost.It means you value few relations or things much more than winning at that moment. Today what I'm is all because of everyone I've met.Well few of the interactions might have been just have lasted for minutes and days.I might not have met few people at all, but everyone I came across during the course of my journey in the last four years has got something or other to do with what I'm today. I thank my friends for being there when I've needed them most.

There are two special people whom I would never forget. One who have added another dimension to my very unidimensional life back then while other have been the reason for me to stand up and fight back and been the there for me during the most tough times. Well can't thank you enough. You'll remain special to me forever.

To put it in short..I mite have to take a leaf out of my friends status but theres no way to put it any better..Its been 4 full years of everything.assignments..bunks..getting ragged.. freshers day celebrations.. ragging juniors....labs.. day battings.cell phone chattings...making up for attendances..fights..silly ego problems..frenships....first day first shows..sweet crushes..serious loves..breaks rides.. countless panipuri treats..leg pullings..and teasings.and for me its been innumerable hours of travelling as well..and now all this has come to an end..its time for a farewell and we bid audious to our college..a place thats been our second home for four long years.

We've started as mere strangers,just as n when we get to know each so well we are about to part our ways.
Mali jeevitapu ee malupulo kalustamo telidu :|
Kalavalani ashisthu!
Kalustamani aakanshithu!!

I take a leave.Wishing all my friends all the best with their future endeavors. Hoping to see them around.Miss you all :)

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  1. man..touched dude....
    superb stuff ... :)
    nyc insight ...

  2. miss u dude!!!!!!!! but cant believe dat these happy days came to an end!!!!!!!!!!]\

  3. super kiraak..last two lines telugulo musth unnai..and i love this "I've learnt to let go, give up and giving up at times does not exactly mean you've lost.It means you value few relations or things much more than winning at that moment."

  4. Wonderful...coudnt have put it better myself!

  5. @rahul : miss u too dude..ya i know
    @adity sirish: thanks alot!!!!!
    @Ysk: could've askd 4 a better compliment!!

  6. what can i say!!! The theme of the post itself roused my emotions..and the way u put it was really warm.

  7. @punter: thanks mate!!
    @srikanth: ur compliment is a warm one too :)!! thanks dude