10:25 PM

This is a draft that was long due to be posted. Uncompleted and unbaked. But for da fact that so much of it turned out to be true.I post it

I'm just a few steps aways from the real world.Its matter of just days that the I gotta give up the shield of being a student.The most feared and also most awaited days are round the corner.Its a mixed feeling, I want a change at the same time,I'm apprehensive about whats gonna await me in the future.Is it going to be full of suprises,shocks? Is it going to be interesting or would it really be the most boring that I'm yet to face?
Well I don't know and I wouldn't know it as until it actually happens.Just as I've never known what awaited me in my engineering.

At this point if I look back,I know I'm not the same guy I've once been.I've been these hyper excited, talkative, never bow down to anyone type of guy.I've always rated myself high and been arrogant.

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