Life on High

12:50 AM

I really do not know why most of the times its films that form the theme for my blog?!I just can't help it but draw parallels to my life when I watch few movies. Mr.Perfect very much falls into that category.Before I get into any further details,few lines about the movie,its one of those few good movies I've watched in the recent times.Prabhas was uber cool and fits the bill to the T. Kajal has come a long way as an actress since I saw her last.( I dint find her convincing in few scenes of Darling). And for me Prakash Raj was just stupendous in the short space he has been given. A better music would have made this good film a great one. Its still worth a watch a perfect entertainer.

Thats not it, this movie had impact on me beyond my belief.Well let me bring something to your attention. If you haven't noticed as yet..the title of the blog has been changed from MY LIFE MY WAY to what you see up there.Because I no longer believe life is all about living for just oneself. There so much more than JUST ME.I moved on from this self-centered person.I've realized the happiness one would experience in keeping others happy.I don't mean to say you gotta live life all by others terms,but there are few people in our life who would want us to see happy do whatever they could to make it happen,so its worth it, compromising on few things.Its up to oneself to decide who are worth compromising and who are not!

The world is just as you see it!!Its just like a mirror,whatever you give it,it reflects just the same!!You give everyone happiness and you feel happy as well. Sounds very simple but yet so true.This movie deals with love, compatibility, trust. I've had long since confusion about LOVE.I never knew what exactly it is meant to be. But this movie made one thing clear, just because your tastes match, your opinions match doesn't mean that you would fall in love.It is probably a feeling which makes you compromise on your own and you wouldn't regret doing it at all. Or maybe its not that way.I wouldn't know. As always I remain confused.

Nevertheless one thing for sure, I have been through this transition and I'm feeling good about it.It might not all becuz of entire movie but few dialoges really got me thinking!! Thank You Dasarth!!

So many half baked thoughts reeling in my head about compatibility, trust, love and marriage. Would soon come up with all these in another post.

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