Bahudurpally to Electronic City-via MSat ;)

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GNU Terminal,
ITC-5, I Floor,A Wing
SDC, Banglore.

Hell yes!! This is my first post ever since I've been part of MSat and as I type this my chest swelling in pride about the fact ;).Ofcourse it certainly is my first post away from Hyderabad.
Two weeks into the corporate world that I've been dreaming all the way. And its too real to be true.Can't believe the fact that I already started working :D. I don't remember when was the last time that my life has been so eventful. Not a day passed without drama ever since I'm onboard Mahindra Satyam,leaving me in anticipation what could possibly happen next.

Just like any other fresher I entered this corporate world with so much excitement and ya with a few apprehensions as well! I was through with my joining formalities pretty smoothly and had to wait for about 3 4 days to know what domain I'm it. People who know me knows my curiosity levels as well.I leave it to their imagination how anxious I would have been back then to know which technology I'm into.And the day of domain allocation came eventually.There were about 250 people assembled in the Danube auditorium at Cyber towers,Hyderabad. The names were being read out and almost everyone got into one or the other domain. Suddenly the pessimistic side took over me for a couple of seconds. I went on cursing my luck and thought I should have taken the assessment test a bit more seriously.Just as and when I was so busy cursing myself and my casualness, there was an announcement made, asking the people who haven't got any domain to please stand. Thank God I wasn't or rather lemme say We weren't alone.There were 6 others among the crowd to give us company. We were asked to report about an hour later.

An hour passed with exchanging talks with the other people. We were too worried to think anything positive. Once the clock ticked one hour, we did report. Oh please guys You have to understand.It one of those times when you have to be punctual,after all my career is at stake.We were informed that we don't have to undergo any training and might possibly be mapped on to a project directly.But have to wait for another day to know the exact location of the posting.Well that evening Nidhi,Sowmya, Rahul and I were too busy in feeling off about the luck, with the thought that we are being assigned a core, as an almost impossible dream coming true. It could have possibly lasted for more than an hour.We thanked all known Gods and also our interviewers for picking up. Little did we know then that, our first disappointment is going to hit us straight away very shortly.

June 1st
This was supposed to be my first day at work technically. More than a few hours passed with we roaming all around the SLW Bahudurpally trying to approach one or the other person to know what should we exactly upto. And this seemed have hampered the work of those people.Finally after hours of waiting we were asked to meet a person. My mind is too fast and grabbed this chance with two hands. It again started assuming things that as and when we approach this guy, we would be given a project to work on and also the location. Disappointment no 2. All we had to do was end up sitting ON BENCH at the very first day of my job. More than half day passed. I started knowing rest of the guys over there. Post lunch we were informed that nothing could be known at the end of the day. With all the time in the world and not a piece of work to do and ya no access to facebook, we turned to Dumsharads. It was so much fun. By the end of the day everyone of us gelled well with each other. Trust me this helped us a lot in the next few days.

June 2nd
Day 2 at office. The same story. Not at hint of what are we supposed to do.We resorted to the good old school games such as seven stones and out-out ;).Can you believe it we were being paid to all this stuff. Later on in the day we went around the little bird sanctuary we had over there. Pick of the lot was Emus whose crooks sounded as though someone just started a BULLET.LOl.The peacocks were amazing too.We were lucky to see it open up its feathers and dance.Sometime in the day we could take the anxiety any more and we called our HR to find out the status. And the news came as a more of shock than anything else.We were asked to report at Banglore by 6th for a 3 week training on SAP. Nothing seemed certain. We reported at Hyd, done with our joining formalities and was hoping to have a job at Hyd.Somehow destiny planned something else with us.All the hopes of getting into core gone into thin air.

The saving grace was people told us SAP is the hot technology right now and its worth everything to go to Banglore to be trained it .I could well end it here. But the drama wasn't over as yet.We planned to leave for Banglore on June 4th. The bus was to leave from paradise around 9 in the night. I started at 8 from my place. Dude all this was because not even a single autowala is ready to be hired for meter.Everyone demanded extra which I was reluctant to pay. Finally somehow I managed to get one. But my luck isn't helping me at all. This guy seems to be running an auto that is supposed to be manufactured in 1980s( I suppose they are available back then).Somehow by around 9.25 I managed to reach Secunderabad. But I received this call from my friends saying that the bus has already started from the place, so better I catch it at the next stop Lakdikapool. With not much left to do, I reflected wtf, cant that guy stay for a few more minutes. I was so badly furious. Well the autowala who has been following the conversation between me and my dad, finally seemed to understood the gravity of the situation and somehow managed to run the auto the best of its speed.I did manage to catch the bus on the way to Lakdikapool.Thank God the auto did work though its of 1980s. Well I did blast at the driver, I told him even aeroplanes wouldn't leave before time and the argument was well ended before it could get any worse with the timely intervention of my friends over there.

Before you get any bored in reading this post, lemme tell you there little more to the tale. In an attempt to find accomodation at Banglore in just a single day we people ended up walking about 10-12 kms in a day. All thanks to Nataraj aka naughty Nats we did find a place to move in at last by the end f the day.And here I'm undergoing the training.

The training was like a bouncer at the start, trying to put my best foot forward and hopefully I sail through safely :)

I would end saying no matter how things turned, I was having fun unlimited admist all these confusions and uncertainities.

Banglore has got awesome weather mind you. In love with the city. Take care :)!!

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  1. kiraak rasinav gaa! you seem to be having so much fun. awesome. keep us posted.