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9:03 PM

Days seem to have passed pretty quickly.I still cant believe it that its been three months since I'm done with my engineering and two months since I've joined Mahindra Satyam.Its not just what I do that changed, but its what I'm and how I think changed too. I owe it partly to my experiences and mostly because of few people I met in the last couple of months.

I just want to share something. I should have done this pretty early,I know but given the situation I couldn't.Don't blame me for that.You know what I'm in LOVE. Now don't get shocked or puzzled. You heard me right or rather I would say you read it right.Don't hurt yourself by pinching to check if it is for real.Man I just cant help it but fall for her. It was not the first time I've seen her. I've know her over a few years now.But never we had a chance to be so close.It is a pretty interesting encounter. Ever since I saw her recently, I had this strange feeling that I liked her. I just don't want to jump to a conclusion so fast. I held myself back to make sure, I'm certain about whats going on. I can be wrong once, maybe even twice,but camon, I just can't be wrong always.

She is pleasant. Of the time I've been with her I've hardly seen her otherwise.Okay folks I don't wanna make you wait anymore. I'm just about to let out her name. Its Banglore.Folks don't curse me, I just can't help it but fall in love with her. No matter what kind of the mood you are in, just a walk in the cool breeze around and you would forget all your worries.Serenity is restored. You'll be sane and that smile on your face is back from no where :)!! Thats the kind of magic it does, the city.

Moving onto the people I've met during this time,a short association with someone who has given enough memories to cherish for a long long time to go.Those conversations might have been just a few,but a lot to feel happy about.Could possibly be few of the best conversations I had in long time. She is the sweetest of all the persons I've ever known.They dont make people who are that sweet and equally intelligent anymore ;). I say that because not many could make me go in search for words to defend an argument :P. Just as good things doesn't long either.But nevertheless a good time and can never forget it those few conversations :)!!And ya if your reading this don't let the smile go off your face ever :)!!

Lets talk about the most awaited thing now. What do you expect in my blog, its just going to be me, me and little more about me that its nothing more. Well,my job experience.How little I talk about the better it is.It seems that I've been trained in ABAP a module in SAP. I did say seems there,its because I hardly have a feeling that I've been trained. Anyways I'm done with it and I'm waiting to get mapped into project. I've been waiting for the two weeks now and might have to wait for another two weeks. This wait doesn't seem to get over and thats not a good sign :(!!

Just to pass my time I've been reading quite lot. One book that grabbed my attention was "Anything for you ma'am"Tushar raheja takes you through a jolly dolly write. He is witty and the book is quite engaging. I don't say you would end up laughing in splits but the smile doesn't seem to go away. Do grab and read it if you get a chance. I've been reading more books on love,relationships and stuff. Read few books of Durjoy Datta. Well the story seems to be familiar, as every guy will connect himself with the lead character at some point or other. And ya his books helped me to come over few shallow thoughts of mine :)!!

Watched Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara. I had to wait for sometime before I could actually get to watch it. It was so hyped. Still the movie dint fail to impress me. Loved Imran's character in the movie. He is my pick of the lot. Another movie that got me is Abhishek Bachans the game. The movie is slick and one can find the tempatation to get in the lines of a Hollywood flick.Whatever they tried, I felt it paid off. Abhishek delivers one of his finest performances. The end might have gotten filmy still I feel it makes an interesting watch.

I sign off. Its pretty late and I've stayed in office just to write this piece of crap. Now you've wasted your time enough. Go and do something constructive atleast now :P. And ya thank you for going through the pain to read this ;)


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  1. """""luv wit bangalore"""" hehe twist bagundhi...was reallieee xpecting sumthin else:::))):P

  2. good one but its like reading a poem

  3. @vyshu thanks but.wat do u mean exactly its lik reading a poem?? so complex r shd i take it in a gud way??

  4. No pain in reading ur blog dude... :D....good to hear dat ure reading alot of books....:)...haffun and celebrate life the same way :)