A quick update

12:45 AM

Never did I find blogging so tough. Not even when I tried to impress 'someone special' with what I write. I was always under this impression that giving words to my feelings came naturally to me. Considered myself pretty good at that. Not any longer. Over last few months I ve been lucky to have people who think I'm good at what I did more often as a pasttime. Delivering with such high expectations doesn't seem easy.
Mr.Sachin Tendulkar, I now know how exactly you must have felt time everytime you came to bat on, with the whole world wanting a ton out off you. I'm going through that, only that yours was 100 fold more intense. This is more than a reason behind what was supposed to be break turning into two month long sabbatical. Lacking inspiration and all were just lame excuses. I was scared. Scared of not being as good of people think I'm. For sometime now I failed to believe that I'm any good. And here I write to prove I was wrong .Yea!! I write for the heck of it.

Oh ya where were we last time we met?? My love..Hmm ya my love for bangalore still continues.Had my share of reality checks though. Today completes my four months of living Bangalore,might be still too early to call 'Namma Benguluru'. Just about  week back I've seen different shades of Benguluru,boy even it can get hot ( no guys..its not that hot we use to describe gals :P, ofcourse bangalore do have them :D) and there are places in here where you don't wanna stay for long, say for instances in between those matchbox(literally i mean it) like buildings with weird colors of electronic city (they are called PGs out here)!!

Off about my job and career stuff, I'm now into the Aerospace Engineering domain. No longer I can call myself any ABAPer. At the first sight the domain change sounded too cool that I flaunted it like crazy. It was like all my dreams of childhood came alive. (there was time as kid when I wanted to became a pilot, given my physic i dropped off the idea :D.) Lucky people, all those travelling in planes, I ve not become a pilot..u can continue travelling..safely ;)!! I ve considered becoming an aerospace engineer but somehow that dint happen either. Coming to the time we are in, I thought God had finally decided to be kind to me and make up for all unjust he did to me. I was more than generous, decidd not to blame him anymore for  and said to myself..Chalo maaf kardete..aakhir apunka God hi hain ;)! ( I later regretted knowing what a grave mistake that was) I was in parallel world daydreaming, of the possibility  of you guys travelling in a flight, few years from now  designed by Vasishta -Aerospace designer. Cool eh??!! No nothing remotely close to what I dreamt is gonna happen, I understood later :-(.

In other news I watched  Dookudu and found it enjoyable. And ya I seem to jump to fast conclusions without knowing whats what. Not a good thing. Trying to refrain myself from it.
PS: My first post from mobile.Hope its worth all the effort I put in to read.
Prudhvi and Sharath thanks guys for ur part in making me believe Im gud for something :D

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  1. and you again... beautiful in transforming ur thoughts to words....!!!

  2. @adi..thanks man.il try not to give away da strt frm nxt on!!

  3. @koundi..thanks man...im still trying to giv my best :)