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At 10.45, on a chilly winter night waiting for a train,which is supposed to arrive not before an hour, not a pretty gal in sight, I tend to keep up the promise, of putting up this post. Actually there is one, sitting to the far right of me, with a beautiful dimple on her cheek and a stoll  stylishly draped around her neck, there seems nothing remotely interesting ( No the problem is I would have continued to gaze at her, had her boyfriend not been around! Or maybe he is not! Neva mind, I'm fine with stealing an occassional glance at her :P ) Few minutes have been passed since my last sentence.I was lost in thoughts. (Hmm, ya your right I was staring at her) Now before she catches me staring at her,I better move away. And gals, please don't get started like all guys are the same. Was admiring the beauty of nature thats it ;) :D
Folks by now you should have figured out that I'm on a roll and this might require some serious time and concentration on your part to finish reading.Better you grab a cup of coffee, or tea (anything else you prefer, I dont really have a prob) so that you can sip it, savour the moment, recline back and enjoy the reading!
What do u find at the start of any book?! Acknowledgements!?? Maybe I think I should thank all my readers, who appear to be enjoying my posts and keep telling I should start writing more often than not.I really have no clue if I was half good as they think.I even heard that there was an article in Deccan Herald( a popular daily in Bangalore) quoting my blog as of the top 100 most entertaining ones.( Damn, I should be more convincing about my boast,next time atleast!! you  have figured out the heights of exaggeration!)Anyways, I am thankful to God.I now seem to have earned some set of readers who keep asking me when my next post is due :) ;). This isn't a lie,I dont lie always!!
Hey wait a  moment...lady luck
seems to have been shining bright on me*pinches myself in disbelief*!Remember the girl with dimple I was talking at the start, she passed by my me and is now sitting right next to me!! Oh no she enquires if it is S2 couch(No it is not :( )! Damn she seems to have mistaken and shes leaving.Oh NOOOO! Mr.Fate I can never forget your timely interventions.You are insane.You switch sides so soon!! No point blaming..its always been the case with me.Lets move on!
My hands are getting numb.I'm not really able to type.Its freaking cold out here.Anyways,for those looking for something actually to read here it comes.If you have managed to read through the lengthy prologue,I must say you are quite stubborn ;).You dont give up easily. Do you?! Its almost been an year since I've attended an interview and rejected. That was one of the most depressing phases of my life. All thanks to someone,I came out of it strong. It was a  just a week after that I managed to clear the Satyam and get placed. Dec 15th 2010. The day I have seen a wide smile on my Dads face. The happiness in his face was so obvious. Probably I couldn't have asked for a better moment. After all the years of struggle,I felt like God has answered my years and years of long prayers.Had it been a typical Bollywood movie you are close to finding the end titles. But dude its life!! And I heard somewhere that Life starts where your comfort zone ends. Boy trust me who ever have told it, seems to have lived life to the fullest and hes damn right in saying that!
6 months in the job life and I am going through troubles I never heard off and problems I never imagined that they would exist. I would have laughed off at ones face when someone tells me that he is getting frustrated with no work to do whole day and he is thinking of quitting the job in search of job satisfaction even for a lesser pay. Trust me exactly an year back I would done anything, mind you anything to swap roles with that guy. Not anymore. One must be right in saying money can give you comforts and luxurious life, but then they seem to have forgotten money alone wont give you happiness, theres a bit more than that.
And talking about the work, sometimes I wonder, for all the hardwork I've done, for all the efforts I've put, I'm letting some unknown people out there who I doubt if are half as smart as me to
decide my future.I have no control over the domain I get, the project I'm mapped to nor the kind of people I've to work with. Its all left to Mr.Fate again. I hope things get better soon and I wish I can actual do some work which lets me apply my brain, use my little intelligence I have and feel satisfied :)Mr.Fate waiting for you to be back on my side!!
Aah thats been a long one.I better go and catch some sleep. If I dont and wake up late in the day, I might have to find myself  around in some parts of Madhya Pradesh. I dont want to waste my weekend in search of train back to B'lore ;).  Chow!!
PS: If you are wondering what has the title got anything to do with the post, its after a director from Telugu industry who haven't had a flop in ten year odd career f his and exceeded audience expctations always!! I'm jus not him! Sorry if this post was any let down

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  2. I was a little indifferent and disinterested over blogging for a very long time now, till i read this blog post. vasista u have truly stirred in me, the interest and passion for writing, again.I hope it does not die down so soon..

    It definitely cant let anyone down. It was awesome beyond measure..

  3. @srikanth: thanks alot..those words from you mean alot!! to say the least, I'm overwhelmed buddy!!